Is He Ignoring You? Here is a Solid Tactics Which Gets Instant Results

Do you know there are things you can do during a difficult situation with a man, to turn things around to your advantage? Most women rely on pure luck or chance & hope that things will somehow get better with time. The truth is that it won’t unless you do something about it right now.

Let me share a solid step by step tactic you can apply to your situation right now, and see instant results…

Let’s say your man has been ignoring you a lot lately and is always too involved in his work. And you want him to spend a few moments of his day with you.

Most women would be direct about this and go about it in the following way…

Woman – How come you never spend time with me anymore?

Man – Can’t you see I’m busy? I have a lot of work to do.

Woman – You are always working…It seems as if I don’t even exist in your world.

Man – Can’t you see why I work so hard?

Woman – Seems like you don’t really love me anymore…

And this is where useless arguments start and both parties end up highly frustrated.

Here is the golden secret – In order to be understood, you have to first understand. In other words, you have to show your man that you understand his situation first, before you expect him to understand yours. When you give it, you always get it back ten folds.

Once you understand his situation and cater to his needs…He will instantly cater to yours without any resistance.

So now let me show you how to do it the right way…Instead of directly letting him know, try this…

Woman – You know I am really lucky to have you as my mate. You work so hard to provide me with everything. I just wanted to let you know I really appreciate everything you have done for me.

Man – Thank you very much…I am glad to have you in my life as well.

Woman – I am really sorry if I am disturbing you…But I just felt like spending some time with you today…But if you are busy we can do this later.

Man – Oh honey! I am glad you are so, understanding. I tell You what…I am almost done with this project…Give me a couple of Hours, then we will go out to eat. Sounds good?

Woman – Seems perfect!

And you see! How easy things can be when you are willing to give before you expect to get anything in return. You can turn a difficult situation into an easy one just by making a few adjustments with your words. Now imagine if you were given a set of tools & tactics which will show you exactly how to tackle various situations with a man and always come out on top?

That’s exactly what I am going to show you next…

I bet you’re thinking…

But my personal situation is far more complicated & more intense than this. Do you have solutions for my situation too? Yes, I absolutely do…

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Why Women Freak Out Around a Man and Unknowingly Do Things Which Push Him Away

Do you know what happens when a woman goes through a difficult situation with a man?
She keeps freaking out…I call it the freak out syndrome. This is how the cycle runs…

A woman finds herself in a difficult situation with a man…

She doesn’t understand why he’s doing what he’s doing…

She then tries to do what she assumes is the right thing but it doesn’t work…

She then feels stuck & eventually freaks out.

It’s no surprise why so many women are leading a life of silent desperation.

The point I am trying to make here is that when women drive themselves completely nuts by freaking out over and over again, it messes them up completely over time.

But it doesn’t stop here…

In fact! Under such a situation a woman unknowingly does things which push a man further away… Here are the two most common routes women take…

1- They first try to convince a man.

2- And when the first option doesn’t work, they try to argue their way into his head.

I don’t know why but women have this inner belief that if they can just explain their situation to a man he will somehow get it…

Guess what? It doesn’t really work that way. You can never make him understand your situation when you try hard to drill your point into his head. In fact! The harder you try, the further he will pull himself.

And when convincing him doesn’t work, they take the second route, which is to argue or fight and finally when things get really bad, they use blame and guilt to get their point across.
Let me explain this with a good example…

Let’s say your man is starting to get distant & you fear that maybe he is planning to leave you. You first try to understand why he is getting distant, but things aren’t making any sense, as a result you freak out.

Next, you try to talk to him about it, you say things like -

Honey! I don’t know why you are avoiding me like this, what have I done? Are you planning to leave me? Have you found someone else? I need answers.

And you still don’t get the answers you need and as a result your anxiety is starting to turn into anger. You feel that you deserve answers from him…And in the process you say things like…

I am sick & tired of not getting answers from you. You aren’t pulling your share of weight in the relationship, I feel like I am doing all the work. You only care about yourself.

This is a major mistake which can literally shake the foundation of a relationship. When you use this approach a man only feels attacked and his first reaction is to get even more distant to avoid confrontation.

It’s important to understand that you can’t hold a gun to his head & make him get it. You are following an utterly hopeless strategy if you think you can.

There is a better way – There are things you can do & say which will naturally make a man want to open up to you, give you all the love you need and be devoted to you for the rest of his life. Follow this link right now to discover it.. How to Read A Man


The #1 Unforgivable Sin Most Women Commit In A Relationship

What if I were to tell you that there’s an unforgivable sin almost every woman commits around a man?

What if I were to tell you that hundreds of millions of women do this EVERYDAY with their man?
What if I further told you that most women who do this have no idea that they’re committing a horrible sin?

Are you wondering if you do it too? Before I talk about this sin, I’d like to share a story with you…
It’s a story about Cindy & Matt. They have been in a relationship for the last 2 years. They always had a great connection, it was like they were made for each other but lately things aren’t the same.
Cindy is very worried…She can sense that Matt is a lot more “inside his head” lately, he isn’t being as open as he used to be. She misses the comfort of the days when she could talk about something & genuinely connect with him.

But now she is living a life of quite desperation because Matt’s behavior is confusing her, She is feeling a lot more out of control, she is spending her days in constant fear & anxiety, she wants to know what’s going on but lack of communication from Matt is only making things worse.
She is a lot more miserable now and misses the closeness but it seems like Matt doesn’t really care. She is wondering if it’s something she has said or done which is causing this? She can sense this huge gap in understanding & a giant invisible wall between herself and Matt.

But there is an even bigger fear which is freaking her out, she fears that maybe Matt is thinking of breaking up with her. She fears that maybe he is doing things behind her back & has someone else in his life.

The very thought of imagining Matt with another woman makes her feel this ugly feeling in her stomach, her heart starts to pound faster and it makes her feel literally paralyzed.

Have you ever had such a feeling around your man? Have you ever felt that awful feeling in your gut when you didn’t know what was going on inside his head and you feared that maybe he was thinking of leaving you?

Well maybe you have faced a similar situation or maybe you haven’t… but I bet you can relate to that nasty feeling that surfaces when you don’t understand your man.

Hundreds of millions of women go through this every single day. But do you know why this happens? It’s because most women commit the number 1 unforgivable sin in a relationship which completely ruins their chances…Want to know what this sin is?

Here it is and I want you to listen carefully to this…The number 1 unforgivable relationship sin is – Not Knowing How The Male Mind Works.

I bet you’re wondering – huh? This isn’t really a sin. Yes it is and let me tell you why. It’s a sin because not understanding how the male mind works will always lead you into relationship issues and problems, you will always find yourself confused and frustrated.

And it’s unforgivable because it can completely ruin a happy relationship and often times can lead to a painful divorce or a breakup which could have been avoided. Not understanding the male psychology can send you on emotional “tailspins” for days on end, and you will feel out of control as a result. It is without a shadow of doubt, THE BIGGEST MISTAKE ANY WOMAN CAN MAKE  WITH A MAN.

This can be the devastating kiss-of-death to your relationship unless you do something about it right now. Follow this link right now & watch the video on the next page till the very late minute… How to Read A Man 


If Only I Could Understand Men

Men always say they can’t understand women, and that women are so complicated. Well, for many women, it is the exact opposite. Most would give anything to understand what makes men “tick.” Even though women want to know what he’s thinking, men are often reluctant to share what is in their hearts. What’s a woman to do?

Rather than describe all the differences between the sexes, it is often more helpful to focus on a few areas that any woman can understand.

1) Men are more sensitive than women. While that might sound silly, the truth is that men don’t have the ability to recover from emotional trauma as effectively as a woman. Because of this, men keep themselves from getting too upset. When a man hears he should just “let his feelings out,” what he translates that into is this, “If I let my feelings out, I might not be able to control them.”

2) Men hate fighting. For men, conflict is not simply resolving a problem. Fighting, to a man, means one has to win and the other needs to be totally defeated. Men often prefer conflict that is non-emotional because it is less threatening to them. Once a conflict becomes emotionally charged, it is very difficult for a man to contain those feelings and the most frequent coping skill is for them to become quiet. It may seem like they are punishing you, but they are most likely trying not to lose control.

3) Men want to get married. In spite of what many progressive cultures preach, the truth is that a majority of men in the world do get married. While the freedom of being single has its appeal, it comes with one primary drawback – it is lonely. While this might not sound overly romantic, finding a woman that a man can trust is just as important as finding one who is beautiful.

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When it Comes to Men, Some Women Have It…and You Can Too!

by Bob Grant, L.P.C. author of “The Woman Men Adore

Every day in my counseling office, I hear women say some variation of this:

“In the last few years, I have had relationships with men who, at first, seemed perfect for me.  They were attentive, attractive and fun to be around.  Then suddenly, as if they knew they had reeled me in, they stopped trying.  They stopped calling as much, stopped taking me out and basically stopped the romantic dance that couples do when they are falling in love.  Was it me?  After all, I think I’m attractive, have a good personality and I work out to keep my body in nice shape.  So why then, do I always end up with the men who become “couch potatoes” at my house?  The men who would rather bring a six pack over and watch football all day and then expect me to fix dinner?  Do I suddenly turn into just a “buddy” to them, the girl next door?

I see other women who, frankly, are not as attractive as I am or as thin as I am, who seem to get the “hot” men.  I don’t necessarily mean gorgeous men, but the men who take them to nice restaurants, bring them flowers, take them dancing and, basically, “court” them.  What secrets do they know that I don’t, because they certainly aren’t sharing them?”

Most women think a wonderful relationship is simply about finding the right man. The truth is that those women who have wonderful relationships didn’t necessarily know where to find good men, instead they attracted them. Would you like to learn how to attract and keep a wonderful man? The best way to find out probably isn’t by talking to a woman; instead, a man would be able to give you the secrets to a man’s heart.

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Why Do Some Women Always Date Losers?

Do you know of someone who has a pattern of always dating losers, bad boys, who always break their heart and leave them crying? For those women, oftentimes they need help in identifying the signs of such unreliable men.

Let’s define a loser as a man who is totally into himself and has little empathy for a woman’s needs. He is a man who has a pattern of sweet talking women in an attempt to sweep them off their feet and into the nearest bed. He will wine you and dine you and tell you how beautiful you are and how lucky he is to have met you. These men are very good at what they do because they’ve had a lot of practice!

These men are wonderful in the beginning of a relationship; however, in time they most always become less attached and more distant to their partner. Some never call back, others break dates and some even “forget” their wallet and their date ends up paying for the meal.

Have you ever met or dated a man such as this? Perhaps he never said he loved you, and whenever you spoke about commitment, he would change the subject.

The truth is that no woman ever wakes up in the morning and says to herself, “Today I need to find a man who will hurt me.” Rather what most often happens is that many women (and men) tend to confuse intensity with reliability. They meet someone who makes them FEEL wonderful or excited and they assume that he is a good man. The problem isn’t that their feelings are wrong. What gets them into trouble is that their intense feelings often cause them to ignore bad or inconsistent behavior that they would clearly see if they were not so emotionally involved.

What if there was a way to effortlessly attract men that were both exciting as well as dependable? Not simply a technique, but a manual that showed how successful women captivate men in such a way that they never get mistreated.

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Discover How to Look Approachable to Guys

Have you experienced being in a social function and no one approaches you? You are wondering what is wrong with those people and you seem invisible that no one want to approach you. There are women who want to meet and date guys but there is one thing that hinders them to be approached by guys and that is they do not look approachable to guys. They are unintentionally sending the wrong signals and scare men away because they look intimidating and snobbish. No matter how interesting you are, if men find you intimidating and unapproachable, success with men is like a dream that is unreachable. It is heart-breaking to see a possible romance went down the drain because it was not given the opportunity to set off.  So how to remedy this problem and look approachable to guys?  The following tips can be very helpful to send the right signals and make you look approachable to guys.

Show your pearly white smile. Unfriendly facial expression makes men think twice whether to approach you or not. If you always wear a serious face, men will find you intimidating. If you always wear a long face, you will look pissed off and you will scare men away.  Why don’t you ease up a little bit and smile? Women who smile and laugh a lot look approachable to guys.  If you are a person who rarely smile, now is the time to make it a habit to smile. A smile is a universal language of friendliness. You do not know what your smile could do to other people. To a stranger, your smile could brighten up a bad day. To a guy who want to approach you, your smile means you are available and you are giving him the permission to approach you. So show those pearly white smiles and you will look approachable to guys and to other people around you.

Let your eyes do the trick. As the saying goes, the eyes are the windows to your soul and so they are also the windows to other people’s soul. The eyes can convey non-verbal messages so let your eyes do the talking. Send the right signals through your eyes. Most men use eye contact to get the permission to approach you. If a man is trying to lock eye contact with you but you immediately look away, men would think that you are not acknowledging him and he is not welcome to approach you. If you caught a guy gazing at you, hold his gaze for a few seconds before looking away. Chances are, the next time you look you’ll be surprised to see him walking towards you to approach you. If you want to look approachable to guys, use your eyes to communicate with them.

Start a conversation. There is nothing wrong in opening a conversation, there is no rule stating that men should be the one to initiate the conversation.  If you want to look approachable to guys be ready to start a conversation. Or if someone starts a conversation, be responsive to get the conversation going. Avoid crossing your arms while in a conversation because your body language matters if you want to invite people (including men) closer to you. Gestures like tapping your legs or playing with a pen while in a conversation could be interpreted as boredom so avoid them. Be open-minded and be curious or interested about the people around you. Ask questions, be receptive and look him in the eye during the conversation. Men are amazed with women who can start and carry a great conversation.

Avoid using your phone too much in a social function. Your hand phone is a great tool to connect with people who are not physically with you but it can be a hindrance in connecting with people who are actually physically around you. If you are too busy attending to your phone while in a social function, you’ll lose that opportunity to be approached by men who could be “the one” for you. To look approachable to guys, you must be accessible and not preoccupied with other things.

Avoid being surrounded by your friends. Men find it hard to approach women who are surrounded by their friends for the fear of being rejected and humiliated in front of other people. If you usually go out with a bunch of friends, find a way to occasionally be alone to give men the opportunity to approach you. You look approachable to guys if you are not always with a group of people.

Enjoy yourself in social functions. One of the best ways to look approachable to guys is to actually enjoy yourself in social gatherings. If you are naturally a cheerful person and having fun with your friends and the people around you, guys would want to be around you too. Men admire women who are sometimes carefree, do not always worry about their make-up and loosen up a bit to have some fun.

Giving men the opportunity to approach you is the first step in achieving success with men. Once you get noticed, you now have the opportunity to attract and captivate him. To attract men like magnet visit Become a Guy Magnet 


Qualities Women Should Possess to Attract Men

Ever wonder why some women are such man magnets? It is because they have the qualities women should possess to attract men. Having irresistible qualities do not only make you irresistible to the opposite sex but those qualities can also make you love yourself more. Knowing what really attracts men is important to succeed in the dating game. So what are the traits that men find irresistible that every woman should possess?

Confidence. It is a must-have if you really want to be an amazingly attractive woman. Confidence is definitely one of the qualities women should possess to attract men. Men find it really irresistible to see women who exude self-confidence. You may not have that confidence now but with a little help you will eventually achieve the self-confidence that can make you an interesting and admirable woman. The key in building self-confidence is to love yourself. A confident woman is happy and in control of her own life. She is not insecure, she knows her worth and trusts her capabilities. Men admire women who know what they want, who are capable to do what they want and believe in their worth.

Independent. Although most women look for a man who can be their protector and someone they can count on, it doesn’t mean that women should drop everything just to be with their man. Although men want a loving and affectionate woman, he also needs some space from time to time. It can be scary for a man to have a woman who solely depends on him and makes him her entire world. It can be a real turn off to find a woman who is so needy. Men want their woman to also have her own dreams, hobbies, friends and life beyond the relationship. One of the best qualities women should possess to attract men is being independent. Men admire women who are independent and self-reliant.

Cool.  There are women who are hysterical and not level-headed in dealing with social situations which is a real turn off. It can be hard to be with someone who makes bad situations a lot worse. It can be really admirable to see a woman who can keep her cool and can handle unexpected social situations with calmness and diplomacy. The ability to stay calm and cool on stressful situations makes you more attractive to men.

Understanding. Imagine how hard life can be for a man if his woman is not understanding and there are always issues on things she can’t accept or understand. Men need someone who will accept them as they are and not someone who will control their lives. If a man need to change for the better, it is because it is his own realization and his own will not because he is being nagged and pushed to change. Being understanding is one of the qualities women should possess to attract men.

Approachable. Men need to start from somewhere to be able to know women on a deeper level and it is easier for men to access you if you are friendly and approachable. It can be really hard to achieve success in dating if you are not sociable and you have that aura that you are unavailable when in fact you are very much available. Loosen up a little bit and socialize with people around you. If you are approachable and nice, you are welcoming the opportunity to be approached by a man who could be your Mr. Right.

Sense of humor. Who wouldn’t want to be around women who can make everyone laugh? Men are expected to be serious and focused on almost everything and it is a relief to relax in the company of a woman with great sense of humor. Men want someone whom they can laugh with, joke with and have fun with. A cheerful woman with a great sense of humor is definitely an attractive woman.

There are a number of qualities women should possess to attract men and those qualities serve as your guides to achieve success in dating men. Attracting men is not easy but is not as hard as you think if you know what to do.

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Do You Know What Type of Man is Good for You

ManofYourDreamsESIf you are a single woman today and have been on the dating merry-go-round for awhile, you have probably met your share of men who have left you disappointed. Sometimes, it’s enough to make you want to give up the quest for love and curl up on Saturday nights with a glass of red wine and a good book. After all, who wants to put themselves out there just to have their heart broken time and time again?

Some well intended family and friends might offer you their unsolicited advice that perhaps you have set your sights too high? After all, we were raised on fairy tales. Perhaps, they say, you are looking for Prince Charming, who, unfortunately, does not exist. There are other women who seem to choose the same men, the wrong men, time and time again. Could it be because what women think they want and what they actually need are two different things? So, they keep making the same mistakes over and over because they don’t know any better.

Unfortunately, this causes women to dismiss any man who doesn’t fit the “idea” of the perfect man that they have formed in their minds. Which means, you may have already met the man of your dreams at the grocery store or at the gym, but you didn’t see him because he didn’t fit the picture of what the perfect man for you would look like.

Regardless of why a woman can’t find someone special, now is the time to find a new strategy, a new course of action. By simply changing the way you think about the type of man you need and not putting so much emphasis on the type of man you want, you will attract to yourself the man that you deserve. You can find that special someone, that one-of-a-kind man, who deserves a wonderful and unique one-of-a-kind woman like you.

Finding the Man of Your Dreams is a wonderful E-Book that will show any woman where and how to find the man of their dreams. It also helps you identify your unique 3 non-negotiables that you MUST have in a partner. What if you could be assured of a way to find the man of your dreams within the next twelve months and prove that the fairy tale still does exist? Click here to begin your journey to find your soul mate…  

Why Is It That Men Can’t Say What They Mean, Or Do What They Say?- An In Depth Explanation

It’s that moment where you feel as though a man sounds downright hypocritical, dishonest, inconsiderate, deceptive, manipulative, and disloyal.

You know what I’m talking about…it’s the moment when you realize that men say things they don’t mean. It’s that eye opening realization that men say one thing, but mean the EXACT opposite; and that men say and do two different things.

Sometimes it even FEELS as though men are doing this on purpose. Shouldn’t it be simpler than this? Shouldn’t men be ABLE to communicate?

Right now it feels like a cruel and sick game is being played on you, as you try to match his actions to his words, or his words to his actions. Nothing adds up, and if he really cares about you, why can’t he just be upfront and honest with you? Why is it so hard for men to get things straight?

There’s a simple explanation for this. You’ll find that when emotions are involved, a man is almost NEVER able to truly say what he means. In other words:

Any Time Feelings Are Involved, A Man Will Act Outside Of Logic…

Emotions defy all logic. But what IS logic? Logic is simply our ability to reason and make sound judgments. Naturally, when we reason, our actions match up to our words, and in general predictability is at its peak.

But, our emotions do not listen to logic. In fact, our feelings OVERPOWER our logic; this is especially true when our feelings are intense. Thus, we can literally be outside of our mind when we are emotional.

You’ll find that when a guy is emotional, he’ll never be able to do what he wants to do. He’ll say things and never be able to follow through with them.

He’ll act strange, react even more oddly, and will even do things that seem to be completely out of character. This is where most women will become EXTREMELY confused.

You’ll be so confused trying to figure out why it is that he is acting as he is, or why it is that he is saying certain things, that you will start to think that it’s your fault.

When a man becomes unpredictable, and when his emotions start to overpower his logic, a woman will almost ALWAYS think she has done something wrong. But, you will never be able to figure out what it is that you’ve done wrong. He, of course, won’t explain himself either, but he can’t…

…And this is where it all boils down, because every single man faces a MAJOR dilemma, that women don’t even realize occurs. What is this dilemma? The dilemma is this:

Men Fear Their Emotions…

Yup, you ARE reading this correctly. Men are so terrified of their emotions that they become distraught whenever their emotions pass over the threshold of logic. Naturally, men are taught to be logical, and are told to suppress their emotions.

From childhood till adulthood, they are conditioned to believe that expressing their emotions can be seen as unhelpful, a sign of weakness, problematic, and simply unacceptable.

Thus, men learn to express themselves through logic instead, and as we know, logic never mixes with emotions; thus there is always a stark contrast in how a man thinks and how a woman thinks.

This is why the statement “men are from Mars, and women are from Venus” sticks; because it’s a universal fact that at times men and women seem to be so completely different that it’s sometimes impossible to think they are from the same planet.

To help you understand better, let’s put this into perspective. Consider the fact that women, are instead taught to express themselves through their emotions.

Your entire life, you are taught that as a woman, you should connect with your emotions, should express yourself through emotion, and that your problems can be solved through emotion.

For instance, you know that when you cry, you can tell others that you are upset. Crying can help you solve the problem, because it clearly sends a signal to others that you have a need for something, or that you have been hurt and need them to console you or stop their behavior.

Likewise, when you are confronted with a problem, you end up talking about it. You want to discuss your feelings, and how things make you feel. You want to talk about how something has hurt you, why it has hurt you.

Talking helps you feel better, because it is a good way for you to vent your frustrations out, and you feel less pressure and stress as a result.

Another example is when a woman tells someone that they love them. A woman feels that by telling it, she is therefore sharing the emotion, and in the end feels like she was able to express herself.
Typically, others will tell you in return that they love you, BUT men, of course may not always return it.

Therefore, you have learned that you can get RESULTS from your emotions, when you express them. In the end, you have been learning how to CONNECT to your emotions for most of your life.

You have come to terms with your emotional side, and you have learned how to deal with it and also how to use it as a tool for reinforcement in your life.

This also means that you have learned how to react and deal with your emotions when they become overbearing or strong.

Men, however, do not have this luxury. Since it is practically taboo for a man to express himself emotionally, he never learns how to connect and come to terms with his feelings.

Of course, in a relationship, this can be a HUGE issue. Relationships are founded almost entirely on emotion and feelings, and partially on logic.

Men struggle in relationships as a result, and moreover, they struggle even more to communicate with women because of it.

You see, when a man becomes emotional, his natural urge is to resist it. He resists his emotions, because he doesn’t know how to handle them, and has found that whenever he was too emotional, things just felt out of control for him.

That’s exactly why men FEAR their emotions, because they have no way of controlling them. They don’t know what to do when they are emotional, or have strong feelings.

They can’t connect, and as a result find that everything else is out of control too. What happens then, is men try to regain the control, which is where you should understand that men handle and tackle their problems in a completely different manner than women do:

Men Tackle Problems By Using Logic, Not Emotion…

When a woman has a problem, she’ll talk about it, and it is always tackled with her emotions: she talks about how she feels.

Men, however, tackle problems with logic. That is how they learn to ‘vent’ their frustration, that is how they express themselves, and that is how they are able to feel in control.

Moreover, that is how they solve their problems: they reason, make sound judgments, and investigate the issue. BUT, that is the REAL problem. That is where the real eye opener is. At first, the emotions set in, and a man will say things, while the emotions are there.

BUT then, he will realize that the emotions have set in, and his Logic will tell him to suppress it in order to stay in control.

His logical mind will say “No! Back away!”, and that’s when you find him suddenly doing the EXACT opposite of what he said. That’s when you find him saying things he doesn’t mean.
In the end, men don’t actually intend on doing this on purpose…because it’s a reaction they don’t even realize they have. Sometimes a man is aware of the fact that he can’t handle a certain emotion in its entirety, and in those cases you’ll really feel confused, because his reaction will be to pull away from you.

That’s why you’ll find the most discrepancies when he is emotional. It can even be when everything is fine and has been running smoothly, because a man will fear EVERY emotion when it passes the threshold of logic; even if the emotion is a positive feeling, such as love or trust.

You’ve probably guess where I am going with this, so why is it that a man can’t say what he means, or do what he says he is going to? Here is what it all comes down to:

Men Can’t Say What They Mean Or Do What They Say As Long As Their Emotions Are At Odds With Their Logical Side…

He resists his emotions; therefore it’s a never-ending circle…
1. He’ll feel an emotion.
2. He’ll act on that emotion for the time being, not realizing that it’s a feeling just yet.
3. He’ll recognize that he is feeling an emotion as it grows stronger.
4. He’ll struggle to accept the emotion, as his logical side tries to gain control again, telling him that it’s bad to feel that way.
5. He starts to feel out of control internally, because he can’t connect to his emotions, but is feeling them; and at the same time his logic is arguing that he should suppress them by acting against them.
6. Finally, he pulls away and withdraws to feel in control again.
7. Rinse and repeat.

The moment where his logic tries to regain control is the moment where you will find him never doing what he says, because now his mind is directing him to do the EXACT opposite as he feels.
His mind tells him to do the opposite, because he doesn’t know what the true result of acting on his emotions will be.

Remember that men never really act on their emotions and don’t express themselves through their emotions, thus they never gain any real experience with their feelings.
Since there is no experience there is no solid guarantee that if he acts on his emotions, he will get the results he wants.

This is where it becomes extremely scary for men, because they fear failure and rejection. Failure and rejection only mean more emotional torture, which they absolutely don’t want to have to try and handle. Thus, they take the safer route and back away from their emotions.

In the end, as long as a man’s logic is at odds with his emotions, there will always be discrepancies.
Until he comes to terms with his emotions, and learns how to handle and deal with them, his logical mind will always reject them and tell him to let go of them, or tell him to suppress them by acting in the opposite manner that his emotions are leaning him toward.

So let’s put this into perspective, and apply everything above: Let’s say he’s told you that he loves you and wants to spend the rest of his life with you. He says something like: “I love you, and don’t want anyone else. I want to marry you!”.

Ecstatic you feel fulfilled and happy that he wants to commit to you, and feel great that he has gotten to this emotional state with you. But the next thing you know, he’s withdrawing, becoming distant, ignores you, and you even catch him flirting with others.

At first, he feels the emotion, but then it becomes intense. He doesn’t know the outcome of it, and becomes worried. His logical side argues with him, and tells him to reason on it, and to judge the situation.

He does, and all of his worst fears come true. He starts thinking that maybe he will be trapped if he really does what he says, and if he really follows his feelings.

He starts to think things like:
“What if it doesn’t work out?” or
“Will I be able to provide for both of us?”
“What if she loses interest in me or finds someone better?”
“What if I fall out of love?”
“What if I can’t be the man she needs?”
“What if I need space?”
“What if I can’t make our dreams come true?”
And it goes on and on….“what if, what if”, and more “what if’s”.

The doubts start to kick in, as he thinks that perhaps he can’t, and his logic continues to provide examples of where everything could go wrong, and suddenly he is convinced to back out.
He, of course, can’t express any of this to you, because he is unable to express his emotional side. That’s where he backs off, becomes distant, breaks his promises, and does the opposite of what he says, and your world turns upside down.

But, if you want your world to stop turning upside down, and if you want him to finally be able to get out of this cycle, there is a way to do it.

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What Do Men Want In a Woman?

So you finally found this page…

If you have been dying to figure men out & want to know why men do what they do then this page has all the answers you need.

Does your mind go completely insane when you are in a situation with a guy where you can’t figure out why he is doing what he is doing?

Do you often think:

Why doesn’t he like me?
Why does he only want sex?
When will he commit?
What does he like or see in other women & not me?
Why does he reject me, and what do I lack?
Why doesn’t he love me?
Why do good men always run away from me?
Why do I always end up with losers?

It’s the basic: “Why…Why…Why?” syndrome, and these questions can drive you completely insane!
This is where women tend to think that their life would be MUCH easier if only they had access to some sort of magic tool which would show them exactly what a man is thinking.

Well…Reality can be mean. Life doesn’t always turn out the way you planned; especially when it comes to men and relationships… so it’s every woman’s fantasy to be able to finally have their life turn out like a fairy tale in the end.

Maybe when you were a little girl you had dreams about how perfect your life is going to be some day.

You dreamed about how your prince charming would magically come into your life and make you feel complete, and how everything would work out.

But now you realize it was all a dream, and reality has another plan for you: a plan you didn’t prepare yourself for.

Who knew men could be so complex?

Who knew relationships were so HARD and involved a never ending cycle of pain & pleasure?
In fact, EVERY single woman out there will at some point in her life experience:

And it goes on and on, BUT, there is a fairytale world in between the complexity of men, because when dealing with a man she will ALSO experience:
…..and many MORE similar and positive emotions.

But here’s where it all breaks down…
Why do some women have more positive experiences than negative ones?
Well the answer is pretty simple and not an obvious one. These women understand what a man wants… And no…it’s not the right clothes, the right make up, the right hair etc…etc. That is all absolute CRAP!

Sure you will attract a lot of men just by making adjustments in the way you look but that doesn’t mean you can buy his affection or love. Most men when they see a pretty woman…the first thought is how to get her into bed. Period!

If a guy looks at you and is checking you out – Do you believe he is thinking “Wow! What a pretty girl! I would like her to be my wife & want to have kids with her”?
Heck No! He is trying to figure out how he can get you into bed as quickly as possible.

Here is THE fact…And this will lead to a lot of arguments but:
A man can easily go to bed with you without having any emotional attachment towards you.

Men label women into two groups-
A woman he would just casually have sex with.
A woman he would want to be in a relationship with.

So ladies…Here is the truth- If a guy is having sex with you right now but is reluctant to talk about where things are headed then he has actually put you in the casual sex category.

Ever heard a guy say – “I just don’t want anything serious right now”?

It’s that same old boring line men use isn’t it? But does it mean he isn’t ready for anything serious? Heck NO!

What it means that he isn’t ready for anything serious with YOU. Yeah I know! It’s painful but the truth often hurts.

So now the big question is this: How can you avoid being a casual fling to him and become a woman he would want to get into a relationship with?

Here are some guidelines you need to follow…
Men Want a Woman Who is Non-Needy

Have you ever had those moments where you are talking to a guy & everything is going extremely well…the conversation is flowing well….

You can feel that instant connection. You like him a lot & now you are wondering how to make it absolutely certain that he will go out with you again? Now you are trying to figure out how to say the right thing and are trying hard not to mess it up.

You want to know more and more about him….

All of a sudden you are asking him lots of questions left, right, and center:
…Are you single?
…What do you do for fun?
…Do you have any siblings?

Etc etc etc…
Then the meeting comes to an end, he takes your phone number, and promises to call you.
You go back home…Filled with excitement.

You call your best friend & tell her about this handsome hunk you ran into today, explain how exciting it was for you, talk about how much fun you had, and all the other good stuff. Everyone is all chirped up and happy.

And then the waiting game starts…
You wait for his call. You check your phone a million times a day. You get super excited every time you see a call from an unknown number…Only to be disappointed when you answer it, because:
It’s not him…

And you wait…wait…and WAIT…He never called.

Confused, you call up your good old best friend again and discuss the possible reasons why he didn’t call; and after the end of a long conversation you two agree that he was just another jerk.
And this is where the story ends.

Here is the reality about human beings – Our minds are very quick to judge. We see something and form a judgment within seconds.

Men do the same thing.

If a man didn’t call you after a date even when he promised he would, then this means that in his mind you are overly needy. And neediness kills attraction.

This is a common pattern most women get sucked into: When you like a guy your normal desire is to get that guy to like you back…which for most women, means doing everything you can to accomplish that.

And in the process…You stop being your best self and start doing things just to impress the guy. Guys can sense this: a guy can sense when you like him….BUT, he can easily see when you are trying TOO hard to impress him.

This is how a man sees it:
“Oh she likes me…Interesting!”
“She’s asking too many questions…I guess she totally digs me.”
“She is getting weird now…Too many personal questions.”
“How do I get rid of her?”

And bam…Now you know how he saw the whole situation.

From the interaction and the way you behaved you projected a very needy attitude.

Men only feel attraction towards women who are not trying to gain their acceptance, which means you have to be non-needy. In order to accomplish that, you have to understand a two very important things here:

…You have to convey to him that you like him BUT that doesn’t mean you will make extra attempts to impress him to gain his acceptance.

…You have to be yourself like you normally are. When you make changes in your personality just to impress him or gain his acceptance he can easily sense that and it will backfire.

So how do you know when you are not being yourself when you are around a guy you really like?

Well it’s simple:
If you find yourself saying the things you won’t normally say and doing the things you won’t normally do in his company then you are definitely on the wrong path. Stop yourself right there – and ask yourself – Am I normally like this?

And you will know exactly what to do.

Naturally, women know what they want, but don’t know what to do to get it. You’ll find yourself doing anything that just comes to mind, even though you aren’t sure it may work, to try and win a guy over.

This is where a strong understanding of men comes into play.

If a woman does not understand how a man’s mind works, or what she needs to do specifically to make him react positively in return, she will end up noticing that men lose interest and leave.
But, if a woman understands how a man’s mind works, she will KNOW exactly what to do in any situation, and the results will be everything she hoped for.

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3 Qualities that Attract Men to Women

For some women attracting men is not that difficult because they naturally have the “it factor” that makes them stand out but many women are experiencing failures in attracting men. Many single women are wondering what really attracts men. It is obvious that beauty alone is not enough as there are beautiful women who are unsuccessful with men and there are average looking women who attract men like magnet. There are qualities that attract men to women and it is important to possess those qualities to achieve success with men.

Initially, men are attracted to the physical appearance of women. Men are usually attracted to thin women or those women who can wear any type of clothes without having to worry about love handles. A good set of teeth, beautiful hair and flawless skin will definitely get a man’s attention. But as the saying goes, beauty is only skin deep. While it is not bad to be physically attractive, relying only on physical beauty to attract men is underestimating men. Although some men could fall to women who has nothing but their beauty, there is a possibility that this kind of attraction is not a lasting one.  Most men are looking for something more than beauty. So what are the qualities that attract men to women?

Communication skills. The ability to effectively communicate says a lot about a woman.  If a woman can carry a great conversation she is definitely a confident and an intelligent woman. She knows herself more, not insecure and knows what she want. To carry a great conversation one must be attentive and know how to use the right words. You should know when to listen and when to talk. Conversation is not all about talking but it also includes listening.  It is not all about you but most importantly show genuine interest on the person you are talking to. A good conversation could start on something you have in common. If a woman wants to keep up with the conversation, she should at least know what most men are interested at like sports, current events, etc. It is not about showing off but it is about conveying a message that you are interested on things that matters to him.
Communication skills is not an inborn skill, it can be learned through constant practice so if you are not confident with your conversation skills, go out there and practice. The ability to carry great conversation is one of the qualities that attract men to women. Not all women have the ability to communicate effectively, so if you have it, you are way ahead of other women.

Kindness. Kindness is an inward beauty that makes women even more beautiful outside. A woman who is kind in words and in action is very admirable. Being genuinely kind is one of the qualities that attract men to women. A kind woman is approachable and always wear a smile. A kind woman is not someone who talks ill about other people. She is soft-spoken and respect others. A kind person is sincere and ready to help others. She is considerate of the feelings of other people and do not make other people feel bad about themselves. A kind person is understanding and do not usually nag or get angry on petty things. But of course a kind person is different from a push over or a doormat. Men are usually drawn to kind women.

Sense of humor. A good sense humor is very handy especially when you need to break the ice to make someone comfortable with you. One of the qualities that attract men to women is the ability to make him laugh.  A woman who have the ability to make the situation less serious and takes off the burden to men to lighten up the situation is admirable. Laughter gives good moods and vibes to almost everyone. Make him laugh and he will never forget you.

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Little Known Ways to Become an Unforgettable Woman

Most women want a lasting relationship and every relationship starts with dating. Success in dating a guy that could be “the one” is not something that could happen overnight. Dating success is something that needs hard work.  The key to achieve success with men is to be someone unforgettable. Every woman wants to have a lasting impression on men. Every woman wants to become an unforgettable woman.

Although there are women born with natural charm, being unforgettable is not always an innate thing.  So how to become an unforgettable woman? The following tips can be very helpful.

Have fun and be happy. Life is hard enough so getting so serious makes life even harder. Learn to have some fun. It does not mean that you have to be someone who is easy go lucky but it is about learning how to lighten up. Smile and do not act like the wold is on your shoulder even if you are in a bad situation. Your situation will not get better if you keep carrying a heavy heart and frown all day. A woman who knows how to smile and have fun is a good sight that any man would not want to forget. Be a happy person despite the uncertainties of life because happiness is a vibe that you can share with other people. Infect people with your jolly and happy mood. To become an unforgettable woman, do not get so serious all the time, learn to smile and be playful from time to time.

Get your life in order.  A woman whose life is in order is admirable and unforgettable. If your life is not in order it can be hard to become an unforgettable woman. Most men would not bother to think about a woman whose life is a mess and in financial trouble. Get a hold of your life and be an asset than a liability. Life is hard enough that the last person a man would want is a woman who will make his life miserable. It is a fact that life is full of unexpected circumstances and hardships but women who have the determination to get their lives in order are more likely to succeed. A woman who can deal with her problems is truly admirable.

Domestic skills. Men adore women who know how to keep a home and have skills like cooking, keeping the house in order and other domestic skills. Women of today are usually so concern about their physical beauty and keeping a great career that they forgot the basics of keeping an orderly home. A woman who can make a house a home and who can feed a man with enjoyable nutritious meals with her cooking skills is unforgettable. Use your domestic skills to become an unforgettable woman.

Speak kindly and respect others. A woman should not speak ill of any person because a woman who cannot control her tongue is a big turn off. A man wants to be proud of his woman and do not want to get embarrassed by her manners. The way a woman talk tells something about her personality and her heart. A man do not want to be around women who make it a habit to shout, insensitive, speak ill of other people and usually use unfavorable words. A woman should always be soft-spoken, kind and polite. Speak kindly and respect others to become an unforgettable woman.

Know how to hold your tongue and listen. Although all men and women are entitled to speak their minds, it is an admirable trait for a woman to know when to hold her tongue and listen. Being wise is not about talking all the time, a woman who takes time to listen is wiser. Even if you are on the verge of anger, the ability to hold your emotions and hold your tongue from saying things you might regret is really admirable, such woman is unforgettable. Most men do not want to be nagged, there are times that all they need is someone who will just be with them quietly listening. To become an unforgettable woman, know when to be quiet and listen.

Believe in yourself. Of course no one will admire and believe you if you do not admire and believe in yourself. You should be the first one to appreciate your worth. A woman who believes in herself is a confident and self-assured woman. She is not insecure and she carries herself well. A confident woman who believes in herself has her own disposition, know what she wants, know how to carry a good conversation and in total control of her life. Of course believing in yourself is different from being overbearing and selfish. Believing in yourself is knowing that you have worth and a place in this word. You are not a pushover or a doormat but you are a woman who has worth that any man could be proud of.

Know how to compliment him and show interest on things that matters to him. If women love compliments, men need to be praised too. We all want that feeling, the feeling that we are appreciated and we are important. A woman who knows how to compliment and appreciate men is an unforgettable woman.  It also matters to men that a woman is interested on things that are important to them like their professions, hobbies and the people around them. Such woman will stay in a man’s heart and thoughts.

Physical appearance matters. Men are visual and a good physical appearance matters. Women should know how to improve their appearance by focusing on their assets and accepting their flaws. A woman’s physical appearance can be improved by choosing the right clothes, hairstyle and carrying herself well. Proper hygiene is also important. A woman who knows how to take care of herself means she can also take care of her man and that is very admirable.

You do not have to be perfect or extraordinary. Any woman can become an unforgettable woman if she will only focus on her endearing qualities and willing to improve herself to compensate her flaws. To know more about dating and success with men visit Make Him Desire You


Tips to Effectively Flirt With Men

Flirting is an essential part of attracting men but flirting does not mean recklessly throwing yourself to men disregarding respect to oneself. Of course, you do not want to put yourself in an embarrassing flirting situation. A woman can effectively flirt with men and still keep her values, good manners and self-respect. There are creative ways to flirt with men to get his attention without going overboard. Here are some tips.

Body language. Sending subtle body language as a sign that you are interested is one way to effectively flirt with men. The eyes are the most powerful tool in sending non-verbal messages. Establishing a lingering eye contact is one way to convey you are interested and also one way to know if he is interested. If he looks away, it may mean he is not interested or too shy but if he locks the eye contact with you, he might be interested. Another way to convey non-verbal message is through your smile. Smile is a universal language for friendliness so a woman who smiles a lot is making a statement that she is friendly and approachable. Sometimes without knowing, men find a woman’s smile very sexy and attractive.

Find ways to bump with each other.  First, you have to be careful about this for you not to be accused of being a stalker. Find indirect or subtle ways to bump into each other. Find out his interests and where he usually hangs out. If he is an athletic type, a morning jog in the park where he usually jogs could be a great way to be in his path and will give you an opportunity to bump into each other. To effectively flirt with men you need to be with him so it is important to find ways to be in his path to take your opportunity to get noticed.

Have the courage to engage in a small talk. It doesn’t matter if you failed before in engaging on a small conversation, everyone needs to practice to improve the skills of igniting a small talk. With enough experience and practice, you will eventually have the courage to engage in a small talk. The ability to converse is a great tool to effectively flirt with men. Some men are fascinated with women who have the courage to start a conversation which not all women can do. A good sense of humor and the knowledge of stuffs men usually interested with could be very helpful in communicating with men. It is also a good way to start the conversation with something you have in common. Remember, the sexiest part of the human body is the brain. Using your brains and wits to effectively flirt with men could give you an edge. Small talk means small talk, you do not need to tell your life story; you just want his attention for a limited time to ignite his curiosity.  Remember, it is just a small talk so cut it short while he’s interested and gracefully walk away before he gets bored but leave an option that the opportunity in the future to mingle with him again is open.

Compliment him. Women feel good even with the slightest positive comment about their looks, their hair, their dress or the way they carry themselves and it is the same with men. Men also like compliments because it shows that you are interested and you appreciate his effort to look good. One way to get his attention is to compliment him. Of course you have to be sincere with your compliment and it is not just for the sake of flirting. Establish eye contact while you are giving him compliments to show your sincerity.

Learning the art of flirting could be hard at first but eventually you will realize that every woman can learn to effectively flirt with men. Learn how to become a man magnet by visiting Make Him Desire You 


Discover What It Takes to Turn into a Guy Magnet

Every woman wants to turn into a guy magnet to be successful with men. A guy magnet is someone who makes heads turn once she entered a crowded room. She is someone girls want to imitate and someone men want to date. It may seem difficult to become a woman who magnetize men but if you know how, it is not as difficult as you think. Forget about your past failures and not so pleasant experiences with men. Now is the time to start anew and turn into a guy magnet. Every woman can be attractive and they need to discover how to turn themselves into someone who can magnetize men.

A guy magnet is not only those women who have beautiful faces and body. Have you seen a woman who is not that beautiful and yet men find her endearing? There is something about her that makes men want to be with her. It is something that goes beyond beauty, it may be called the X factor or magnetic charm. Whatever you want to call it, it is clear that attracting men is not only about physical looks. There are beautiful women who still find themselves unsuccessful with men even with their good looks.

First, you have to know that transforming into a guy magnet does not mean being someone you are not. We all have undiscovered endearing qualities that need to be discovered. Let your best self shine and not be overshadowed by fear, shyness and insecurities. The following tips can be very helpful for you to turn into a guy magnet and increase your chances to be successful with men.

Be a socially rounded person. Social skills can be very helpful if you want to turn into a guy magnet. Men admire women who can carry themselves in social situations. If you are too shy, you need to overcome your shyness. You have to go out of your shell if you want to turn into a guy magnet. The best tool that you can use to hone your social skills is your conversation skills. A woman who knows the art of conversation is a magnet that attracts men. Men are drawn to women who can carry a great conversation. To do this, you have to learn to be an attentive listener. You want to give him the feeling that he is important and appreciated, so do not make the conversation all about you. It can be very helpful to talk about something you have in common to keep the conversation flowing. 
Politeness, being considerate of others and gratitude are also very important in social situations. When you are introduced to someone, remember his name and use his name often in a conversation. Give sincere compliments to make him feel that his effort to look good is appreciated. A good sense of humor can be very helpful to break the ice. We all want to be with people who are cheerful and happy. Most men find women who can make others laugh and feel comfortable very attractive and sexy.

Communicate non-verbally. To turn into a guy magnet, you also need to learn to communicate without words and this can be done using body language. Smile is a powerful body language to convey that you are friendly and approachable. To magnetize men, they have to get near you. A smile could brighten up one’s day and could invite someone to smile back or approach you. A smiling woman is always a nice and attractive sight. The eyes can also carry non-verbal messages. Establish eye contact during conversation to let him know that you are listening and interested. Simple touches like touching his shoulder or arm while in conversation shows a gentle side of you and can make anyone comfortable with you.

Be confident. A woman who is comfortable with her own skin is an attractive woman. Confidence can be shown in the way you stand, the way you dress, the way you talk and the way you view things. A confident woman has good posture, dress in the way she feels confident with, have positive outlook, sure of herself and love herself. She is not someone who is insecure. Of course, being confident is different from being arrogant. If you want to turn into a guy magnet, you have to believe in yourself and in your worth.

Be presentable. Looks are not everything but you have to take care of your physical appearance and be presentable to turn into a guy magnet. Dress to accentuate your best physical assets. If you have nice legs or nice shoulders, do not hide them. Choose the clothing style that fits your personality and makes you feel more confident. Keep your hair clean and choose the best hair style that fits you. 
Many women put more attention on their clothes that they forgot to put attention on small details like their nails. Keep your nails clean and properly shaped. Practice good hygiene to avoid unpleasant body odors. Always appear clean and fresh.

To turn into a guy magnet, you have to be the best version of yourself. Everyone needs to improve and if you want to be successful with men, you have to be open for improvement.  To know more about dating and attracting men, visit Make Him Desire You


5 Tips to Become a Lovable Woman

Every woman wants to get the man of their dreams and to be able to do this, one must be loveable to attract the opposite sex. Being lovable seems hard but it is not impossible to be liked and loved by people around you including men. With the right traits and attitude you can become a lovable woman every man wants to be with.  Every woman can be likeable and lovable. The following tips can be very helpful.

Love yourself. Do not expect people to love you when you do not even know how to love yourself. You cannot give something you do not have, so you cannot love others if you do not know how to love yourself. The best person who can love you is yourself. Be good to yourself and love yourself, people love those who know how to love themselves. Of course loving yourself does not mean hurting people just to make yourself stand out. You have to know that loving yourself is different from being selfish or self-centered. To become a lovable woman you must be capable of loving yourself.

Be simple and cute. Physical appearance counts in attracting the opposite sex. To become a lovable woman, you have to be simple and cute. While there are men who likes sophisticated women, there are more men who are drawn to simple and cute women. It can be really hard to keep high maintenance women.  In this very materialistic world, simplicity is a gem that catches the attention of men. Of course being simple is not being easy. Simple women are not high maintenance and yet they value their femininity. They do not just throw themselves to men, they have values and self-respect. A simple woman can also look great. You can be fashionable without expending a fortune. With good sense of fashion and knowing where to buy clothes that fits your budget, you can look great and cute. Wear clothes that fits your shape and your personality. Wear clean shoes. Wear simple make up.  Keep your hair, nails and teeth clean. Practice proper hygiene and always look clean and refreshing.

Be happy.  Being happy is a positive attitude that can give good vibes to other people. No one wants to be around people who are sad. Everybody wants to be happy so we are all drawn to happy people. Although life is not always happy, a positive or cheerful attitude lightens up difficult situations. A woman who can handle difficult situations with a positive and happy attitude is very attractive and lovable. Be happy and you can become a lovable woman.

Be the nicest person that you can be. Being nice is a good trait that attract people including men. Women being delicate and feminine are expected to be nice. It is great to be nice because nice people tend to attract people who are also nice. Treat other people like the way you would treat your best friend or loved ones. Do not gossip, do not insult people, do not pick on them and do not be rude. Women should have those motherly instincts of being nice and caring, so live up to what women should be. To become a loveable woman, you have to be the nicest person that you can be.

Smile. Although life can be cruel sometimes, do not let mishaps and unfortunate things stop you from wearing a great smile. No matter what the situation is, a woman needs to wear a smile if she wants to become a lovable woman. You do not know what a simple smile can do to other people. Someone having a bad day could realize that life is not that bad after all if someone as nice as you took that moment to give him a great smile. A smile is a universal language that could give a message like “Hi, I am a friend”. A person who always wear a smile will always be perceived as a friendly and approachable person. There is nothing more lovable than a woman who is friendly and approachable. So if you want to become a lovable woman, show those beautiful teeth and smile.

It can be a challenge to attract men but with lovable traits, attracting men is not as hard as you think. Learn more on how to captivate a man, visit Make Him Desire You


Become an Adorable Woman

Ever wonder why some women are man magnet and some find it hard to attract men? There are factors that set an adorable woman apart from those who find it hard to magnetize men.  It is not rocket science to become an adorable woman. If you know how, you will realize that it is not as hard as you think to attract men. Attracting the opposite sex is a skill that every woman can learn.

There are certain qualities that men adore and if you have those qualities you will become an adorable woman every man would want to spend his life with.  The following tips can be very helpful if you want to become an adorable woman

Good grooming.  Men may not be fashion gurus but they know what looks good and not. To become an adorable woman, you have to think about your wardrobe to look good. You do not have to wear designer or signature clothes if you cannot afford it but you have to at least go through your wardrobes and upgrade those out of fashion. Clothes that are sexy looking but not too seductive can be very adorable. It is best to wear clothes emphasizing your great features. If you have great shoulders show them or if you have great legs then do not hide them. Of course you have to be comfortable wearing sexy clothes because it is not attractive to see woman so uncomfortable with what they wear.  To fit in those clothes; you have to be in good shape. Yes, you have to get rid of those extra pounds. You do not have to be super sexy but at least be on shape and be happy with your body. Most women are not happy when they have love handles so hit the gym and get rid of them. Know the hairstyle that looks good on your face shape and learn to wear simple make up that fits your personality.  Practice good hygiene and always appear clean and fresh. A woman must always groom properly because men adore women who knows how to take care of themselves.

Take responsibility for your own happiness.  It takes the burden off a man to know that you are a woman who takes responsibility for your own happiness and you will not depend solely on him for all your happiness in life. It is true that men can be a source of fulfillment and happiness in a relationship but you also have responsibilities for your own happiness. You should know what you really want and what makes you happy. Men have an innate need to take care of women but if you are a woman who knows what makes you happy and you are a woman who knows how to stand up for your needs, a man doesn’t have to guess what you really want and doesn’t have to get anxious or worry too much about the complaints and resentment that you might have.  A woman who is in control of her own happiness is very admirable, so to become an adorable woman you have to know how to be responsible for your own happiness.

Be the nicest person that you can be. A soft and nice woman makes men adore her more.  If you are having a bad day or experiencing bad situations, it is not right to be rude or insult people. Try to act normal, put a smile and always be nice. A woman who is in charge of her emotions and cannot be controlled by negative emotions is very admirable. If you want to become an adorable woman, you have to be the nicest person that you can be. Of course being nice is not something that you just do because he is watching, being nice is a virtue that you do because it comes from your heart and you truly want to be nice.

Know your worth and have self-esteem. A woman who is always insecure and doesn’t know her worth is a big turn off.  If your flaws are the reasons for your insecurities, change it if you can but if you cannot then you have to accept your flaws and focus on your positive characteristics and be proud of yourself.  You have to realize your worth, be confident with yourself and love yourself more to be loved by someone.  Self-esteem is an important trait that you must have to become an adorable woman.

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Capturing a Man’s Attention- Helpful Tips for Women

Every woman wants a great relationship with a great guy but of course in order for that to happen, you have to make him interested first. The first step to keep a man interested is capturing a man’s attention.  It is like entering a room filled with people and he will see you as the only woman in the room because you captured his attention.

Of course before capturing a man’s attention, you have to set some rules to spare yourself from getting hurt. Rules like a big NO for men who are committed to their girlfriends or who are married. You do not want to have a reputation of being a boyfriend stealer or a home wrecker. Getting involved with a man who just came out of relationship is not a good idea because you do not want to be a rebound girlfriend. Getting romantically involved with a co-worker could work but can be difficult, if you are sure you can still keep a professional relationship after being intimate with him then it may work. Setting those rules before learning to capture a man’s attention can be very important. You have to remember that you always have a choice and you do not have to choose just anyone just to get noticed. You have to make sure the man is eligible and no extra baggage to save yourself from obvious troubles. There are still eligible men out there so you do not have to appear desperate. Capturing a man’s attention is not that hard if you know how, the following tips can be very helpful.

Handle yourself with confidence. A woman who is in control of her life and handles herself with confidence is interesting enough to captivate a man’s attention. Despite her flaws, a confident woman does not dwell on her weakness but on her strength. A woman who thinks she is not beautiful enough to be attractive is not admirable because she lacks confidence. You have to know and believe that being attractive is not only physical, in fact, there are women who are not physically beautiful but confident with their looks and men find them very interesting. Physical looks are only skin deep but a woman’s confidence is one of the keys in capturing a man’s attention. Stop making your physical looks an excuse and stop focusing on your flaws but be proud of yourself and love yourself. By focusing on your positive traits and characteristics, you are making your flaws less noticeable and you are handling yourself very well. By making your own strength shines and by being comfortable with your flaws, you are showing a confident and admirable woman. In a crowd of women, a confident one stands out and will surely get noticed. In capturing a man’s attention, handling yourself with confidence is important.­

Be approachable. Of course, you need to be approachable to get noticed. Most men will hesitate to show interest on women who looks too hard to approach. Wear a smile to look approachable. In capturing a man’s attention, a smile is one of the best tools.  When a guy approached you, do not be a snob but be approachable and hear what he wants to say. You cannot captivate a man’s attention if you will not even give him a chance to say hello and a chance to get heard on what he wants to say. A woman who is friendly will surely get noticed.

Do not try so hard to get noticed. Do not pressure yourself to stand out and get noticed because you might appear so desperate, needy and trying hard. Pressuring yourself will only cause you to act less naturally which may put you in the bad light. Wherever you are, have fun and be yourself. A woman who embraces who she really is and comfortable with her own skin is a pleasure to watch. Sure there is a man out there who will get mesmerized at a sight of a woman simply embracing her true self.  In capturing a man’s attention, do not try so hard but just have fun and be yourself.

Get in shape. Accept it or not, men are more visual than women.  Men love to look at women in good shape. Of course you do not want to get guys who just like women for their figures but getting noticed is the first step in meeting and knowing a guy. Men in general would notice women who are in good shape. Besides, women in good shape also look good in any clothes so it will also make you feel good that you can wear any clothes you want. There is nothing much a woman can do with her height and other physical features but a good figure is something any woman can achieve with determination and discipline. So hit the gym and eat healthy to get in shape. A good shape is beneficial in capturing a man’s attention.

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Magnetize the Man of your Dreams

Many single women are still in search of their dream guy, they are active in the dating scene but their dream man is still aloof and nowhere to be found.  Single women who are in this situation often wonder what seems to be the problem; they have an active social life but still failed to find that special someone. The good news is that you can do something to enhance your dating life and magnetize the man of your dreams.

Who would not want to end up with the right guy? Most women if not all want to end up with their dream man. If you want to magnetize the man of your dreams, you need to work for it.  Nothing comes for free but if you put your heart and effort on something you want, success will be very sweet.  The following tips can be very helpful if you want to magnetize the man of your dreams.

Be natural and be yourself. The biggest mistake one could do is to be someone else just to attract the opposite sex. Everyone has endearing qualities, you just have to be yourself and love yourself more to make your endearing qualities shine. It is easier to be yourself than try so hard to be someone you are not. Relax and do not try so hard. The best way to make someone interested is by being natural or by simply being you.  Of course a woman needs to improve or enhance her not so great qualities but you should not lose your core or your true self along the process of improving yourself. Changing for the better is different from changing who you really are.

Believe in yourself. In order to achieve something, you have to be the first one to believe in yourself. If you have no confidence that you can meet and magnetize the man of your dreams, then you might just accept that he will never come into your life ever. There is a saying that what the mind can conceive, you can achieve. A woman who believes in herself and who value her worth is sexy and attractive

Be confident. Women who are confident with their looks, their skills, values and their heart are interesting. Of course being confident is different from overbearing. Being confident is accepting your flaws. Being confident is making your endearing qualities shine that your flaws are almost unrecognizable. A self-confident woman is in control of her life and not controlled by situations and circumstances in her life and that is very admirable. Have you seen women who are not so physically beautiful but oozing with confidence and in control of their lives? They appear so cool and confident that they make men so curious and interested. Contrary to what most people believe, beauty is not just physical, a woman’s character and confidence weighs a lot when it comes to attracting the opposite sex. Your confidence plays an important role if you want to magnetize the man of your dreams.

Smile a lot.  Smiling makes you look great, friendly and approachable. Everybody wants to be with someone who is happy than someone who frowns a lot.   A smile is a non-verbal language that attracts people. Men may think twice approaching a woman who doesn’t smile and this may blow away your chance of meeting the right guy. To magnetize the man of your dreams, you have to give him a chance to approach you. As the saying goes, smile and the world will smile at you.
Be a challenge.  Men love challenges and attracted to women who are a challenge. This does not mean playing hard to get but you have to put value to yourself and not appear too easy. Let him do the job of pursuing you because it is a man’s job. You may not be taken seriously if you just offer yourself and pursue him. Ignite his interest and give him the challenge of getting you.

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Stop Dating the Wrong Men – Top 3 Methods to Stop Falling For the Wrong Guy

Are you getting hurt over and over again and you want to stop dating the wrong men? The worse thing that could happen to any woman is falling for the wrong guy. Unfortunately, there are women who keep getting hurt because they keep dating the same types of men. There are ways to break this cycle and get the man you want and save yourself from unbearable heartaches.

You may be attracting the same kind of men who will eventually give you heartaches and not ready for commitment. Being in this situation, you must realize that you need to stop dating the wrong men to stop falling for the wrong guy. Here are the top 3 methods to stop falling for the wrong guys:

Examine yourself. One of the things that you should do to stop dating the wrong men is examine yourself why you keep dating the same types of men. Are you lonely and afraid to end up alone that you just date anyone who comes along? Are those the type of guys your friends are dating? Or do you think you are not good enough and not convinced that you can get the man of your dreams? You have to analyze why you keep falling into the trap of dating the men you do not deserve. Knowing the reasons why you keep falling for the wrong guy is the first step to stop dating the wrong men.

Know what type of men you want and look at the right places. It is also important to think and evaluate what type of men you really want. If you want a lasting relationship with a man who wants to commit then there are places where responsible available men can be found. Although singles commonly meet at bars and clubs, there is a high chance that the men you will meet in places like these are just looking for fun and not for serious relationship. So as much as possible avoid singles bars. There are a bunch of nice and responsible men if you will just look at places like bookstores, museums, charity events, church events and community activities.

Take it slow. You have to take things slow, be careful and avoid falling too soon to a guy you barely know. Most women of course want to be treated like a lady and want a relationship she can keep. If this is what you want then there is no reason for you to waste your time with guys who just want some fun at your expense. By taking the time to know the guy first and not getting involved too soon, you can spare yourself from the pain and you can stop dating the wrong men as early as possible.
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