Dating A Man 10 Years Younger- What You Should Know

Meeting and attracting a much younger guy (someone a decade or more younger) when you are in your late 40s or early 50s can be flattering. Your friends may find it amazing and may push you to go for it but it can be really disturbing in reality. Dating a man 10 years younger brings a different high and excitement but it comes with some challenges too. May-December romance has its pros and cons.

The Pros

Younger men most likely listen and take your advice. Being older, you are perceived as the more experienced, mature and well-rounded person so your younger man tend to listen more and accept your advice. Younger men find it easier to talk to older women about anything. They believe that older women are more adept and can handle multiple responsibilities like career, relationships, children and finances which makes them reliable to listen to.  Younger men are willing to listen and learn. Dating a man 10 years younger can be refreshing because it is nice to have someone who appreciates your value.

Dating a man 10 years younger can make you feel young. Younger men can definitely make older women feel prettier, more attractive and young. Younger men are more energetic, full of life and  adventurous. There are older women who says that they became more energetic and adventurous being with younger guys.

Sexual compatibility. Most young men prefer having sex with older women because they have more experience and sure of what they want. If women and men hit their sexual primes at different age, younger men are more likely sexually compatible with much older women. Middle aged or older women tend to have higher sex drive which corresponds to the stamina and high sex drive of younger men. Sex can be better when dating a man 10 years younger.

You don’t have to worry about his baggage. Younger men usually haven’t had much heartaches so they carry less emotional baggage. You also don’t have to deal with previous marriages or kids because a younger man is more likely very single and never been married.

The Cons

Younger men lacks experience. While you already have a solid career and financially stable, a younger man is still sorting out his life path and doesn’t have much life experience, doesn’t have a stable career and not yet  financially stable. It can be a good thing at first with all the excitement and romance but once reality sets in, you’ll realize as time went on that dating a man 10 years younger can be really challenging. It can be tiring to be the wise grown-up and be his lover, his aunt, his mother, his mentor and his teacher.

Relationship with a younger man may not be for keeps. Younger guys can be immature and not ready for something serious. Commitment can be an issue for younger men as they are not into something serious yet. Younger men may not be ready to settle down because he is still young, immature and want to explore many things first while older women are very much ready to settle down. They may also have immature friends that you have to deal with.

Difference in lifestyle. You were already in college while he was in grade school. You may not understand his lifestyle and he may not understand yours as you both grew up in different decades. The difference can be exciting at first but you may not see each other eye-to-eye eventually as you do not share the same things and experiences growing up.

You’ll be regarded as a cougar and get teased often. No relationship is easy but dating a man 10 years younger is more difficult when you are being teased and called names. While men can enjoy May-December romances, society is not that generous with older women involved with much younger men. Although the perception about older women dating younger men is now slowly changing, there is still a social stigma that society still perceived older women as predator of younger men. They can be really cruel calling you names. People may make fun of you and viewed you as desperate for dating a man 10 years younger. His family can be indifferent to you too and may not accept you gladly.

You cannot defy nature. Changes in physical appearance can be more obvious as years go by. You cannot escape the natural aging process and older women naturally become wrinkled first when your younger man still looks very youthful. You may feel insecure with your aging appearance. But even if you look younger than your age, you cannot defy nature and undo your biological clock. You cannot escape the fact that you are older. If you are an older woman and past the childbearing age and dating a man 10 years younger, getting pregnant or having kids may not be easy or even possible. There is this fertility issue to consider when dating a much younger man because he may want to have his own kids in the future.

Although there are couples who later realized that the huge age gap is taking its toll on their relationship and the challenges are too much to handle affecting their relationship, there are couples who were able to conquer the age gap and make the relationship work despite the huge age gap. In the end, the decision is yours. We are free to follow our hearts and love whoever we want. And as long as we can make the relationship work, age is just a number.


How to Overcome Shyness Around Men

Is shyness getting the best of you when you are around men? If yes, then you are probably having problems in meeting and dating men as your shyness around men keeps interfering with your social and dating life.

Shy women are often inexperienced in dating men because their shyness cost them to end up dateless and loveless. A shy woman may be interested in a guy and wants to make a good impression but her shyness prevents her to do so. When a guy approached and talked to her, she’ll be terrified and can’t express herself that the guy eventually thinks she’s not interested. She may want to date a certain guy but end up saying “No” when asked due to nervousness being alone with a guy on a date.

In general, women are perceived as more socially competent so shy women can be mistaken as aloof, snobby, rude, anti-social, unfriendly or simply uninterested if they are unable to interact with the opposite sex in social situations. Men have no idea what these shy women are going through and didn’t consider the idea that they are just shy and their nerves are getting the best of them that they cannot interact with men. The worst thing is that shy women continue to suffer from this problem even until their 40s, the age when they should be enjoying a stable relationship or starting a family.
Shyness can take away one’s potential for a successful dating life. If you are one of these women, you have to know how to overcome shyness around men to boost your dating life. Here are some tips that can be very helpful.

Acknowledge that your shyness is a problem. It can be hard to overcome shyness if you will just accept that you are shy and that’s who you are but didn’t realize that it is a problem. It is important to recognize that your shyness around men is a problem that inhibits you from opportunities to meet the man who could be the one for you. If you know that shyness is a problem then you know that you have to do something to overcome it to have a successful dating life.

Start taking small steps to get out of your comfort zone. Shy women tend to stay in their comfort zone; that is to stay home and avoid social situations or interaction with people especially the opposite sex.  If you want to overcome shyness around men, you have to start taking small steps to go out of your comfort zone. Taking the first step is the hardest part if you want to change or do something so you have to make the decision to start taking small steps. Force yourself to say “Hi” to your neighbors and people you know when you see them around. Go out with your friends, make new friends and be more sociable. Talk to people more until you become more confident and comfortable around people including men of course. By taking small steps and getting out of your comfort zone, you’ll become more socially competent and you will eventually overcome shyness around men.

Know that men are humans too. If you are shy because you are scared to be rejected and ridiculed by the opposite sex, it is important to realize that like you, men are also humans. Men can be as shy as you are, they don’t bite and they are not usually mean. Although not all men are nice but men in general are nicer to the opposite sex. Women can be more mean and judgmental towards another woman compared to men.

Take care of yourself and improve your physical appearance. The way you look can affect the way you feel. Shyness can be a result of insecurity with your looks or from being unhappy with what you see in the mirror. Exert efforts to look your best. Know how to dress appropriately, choose a hairstyle that fits you, lose those unwanted pounds and stay fit, practice good hygiene and always appear fresh. But this is not about changing who you are or being someone you are not but this is about being the best version of yourself. If you like how you look, you’ll be more confident and motivated to overcome your shyness around men

View yourself in a positive way. Turn off those negative vibes and get rid of those negative opinions you have for yourself. Shyness towards the opposite sex may trigger if you always think that you will not meet someone because you are too shy, too boring or not good-looking enough. The thing is, every woman has her own beauty. Love yourself more, get rid of those negative thoughts and see yourself in a different light. If you feel good about yourself, you’ll be more confident around men.

Find something you are good at and be a more interesting person. Knowing that you are good at something can boost your confidence. If you have talent in cooking, arts or musically inclined, these things can help you gain more self-confidence and become more interesting because you have a lot to share. Even if there is nothing you are good at right now, there must be something you are passionate about and want to learn so pursue that passion and learn something new. It is easier to overcome shyness around men if you know you are an interesting person to be with.

Be patient and keep trying to overcome shyness around men. You cannot change overnight. Beating shyness is a difficult and long process so be patient and persevere. Sometimes it may feel like you’ve made one step forward but two steps backward.  Do not be discouraged, keep trying and keep going. You might fail, stumble and get hurt sometimes but if you keep trying you’ll eventually succeed and overcome shyness around men.


The Girl Guys Want to Date- What Women Should Know

When you find yourself dateless while other women are dating left and right, you will probably ask yourself “Why don’t guys want to date me?” Finding a date could be so easy for some girls but for you, it is not that easy. You cannot understand why you always end up dateless and don’t know how to escape from it. So who is the girl guys want to date? Here are some helpful tips to be the girl every man want to date.

The girl who takes care of her physical appearance. Although most people would agree that inner beauty is more important, you cannot disregard the fact that physical appearance matters, especially when making a lasting first impression. You don’t have to be a supermodel beauty to get the attention of men because there are many women who are not that beautiful but still enjoying the attention of men. Why? Because they know how to groom themselves. When was the last time you upgraded your hairstyle or your wardrobe? Choose a hairstyle that fits your face shape and your personality. Wear clothes that flatters your best physical features. But you have to remember that looking good does not mean you have to show more skin because you do not want to send a wrong message. You want to attract men but for sure you also want to be classy and respected. Dress appropriately and ask help from people who have a good sense for style and fashion. Although there are men who prefer women who are on the heavy side, haven’t you considered to at least shed some pounds and be fit not only for your looks but for your overall health? A healthy fit woman is more attractive. Practice good hygiene and always appear fresh. Upgrading your wardrobe and your physical appearance does not mean you are not being yourself but you are just making a better version of yourself. You don’t have to be perfect or flawless but the way you take care of yourself speaks a lot about you. Of course, the most important thing in improving your appearance is that you are comfortable with it and having fun with it. Take care of yourself and always look good if you want to be the girl guys want to date.

An independent and self-sufficient girl. Although it is romantic to think men as your shining armor, being too dependent will not work on your favor.  It can be unattractive for a woman to be always needy and dependent on the opposite sex. A woman who is self-sufficient and has a sense of independence is more attractive and are more likely to be asked for a date. A woman who do not have the tendency to be clingy and has the confidence that she can still live even without a man in her life tend to have greater value in the perspective of men. Of course being independent doesn’t mean you do not want men in your life but being independence makes you more attractive, valuable and challenging. Most men naturally would chase for someone he can’t easily have and value someone he knows he can lose at any moment.  Being independent and self-sufficient can help you be the girl guys want to date.

An interesting girl. Yes, you want to succeed in dating men and want to be the girl guys want to date but you can’t just sit there, depressed and do nothing while waiting for it to happen. Do what you love doing while waiting for that dating life of yours to flourish. Become a more interesting person. Go out regularly with your friends and family, create new friendships or expand your social network, create an active and healthy lifestyle, do something for the community and be a better citizen, make time for hobbies you enjoy, learn new things, acquire new skills and excel on your chosen career. An interesting woman can carry out any type of conversation with any person especially with the opposite sex because she has a lot to share and talk to about. If you continue to live a fulfilled life while waiting for your dating life to happen, chances are, this guy you are waiting for is just around the corner watching you and trying to figure out how to be part of your interesting life.

A girl who respects herself.  Men may find it hard to trust and respect a woman who would sleep with a guy right away. Behaving this way, may make you more of a hook-up than a date material. But a woman who makes a man work for what he wants and makes him feel that he won her, has his respect and admiration. The way you treat yourself is a clear indication on how you want to be treated and what kind of woman you are. Do you want to be the girl guys want to date? Respect yourself and you’ll earn the respect and admiration of others especially the opposite sex.

A girl who has a positive attitude.  This kind of woman is the girl guys want to date because she is jolly, positive and a joy to be around with. She’s happy and contented even if her life is not that perfect. She knows how to handle the imperfections in her life, does not carry bitterness and does not affect people around her negatively. A woman who avoids negativity and embraces a positive outlook and attitude is very attractive. Smile and infect people around you with your positive attitude if you want to be the girl guys want to date.

Attracting men is a skill that can be learned. Do you want to attract men?


Tips for Women in Getting Back In the Dating Scene After Divorce

Divorce can have a lasting effect in one’s life and getting back in the dating game can be challenging. When you first got divorced, the trauma of a failed marriage prevented you from thinking about another relationship and going back to the dating scene. But after being alone for quite some time, you are contemplating going back to the dating game but you have no idea how and where to start.

Here are some tips in getting back in the dating scene after divorce.

Make sure you are ready. Do not rush and make sure that you have given yourself enough time to heal from the pain of divorce. It is not wise to jump right back in the dating scene not knowing if you are really ready to date again. Do not give in from the pressure of people around you telling you to date again. You have to feel it within yourself that you are ready. Before getting back in the dating scene after divorce, you have to be emotionally stable and mentally ready to date again and enter a new relationship.

Make a decision to move on. If you feel that you are ready to date again, make a decision to move on. Do not let the past interfere with your present and your future. Getting back in the dating scene after divorce can be hard if you will not make a decision to move on. Leave the past behind and move forward with your life. You’ve learned from your mistakes and you deserve a second chance at love.

Improve your looks. In getting back in the dating scene after divorce, you cannot avoid upgrading your looks. Let’s face it, you’ve been out of the dating market for so long and you’ve been through the hell of divorce. You’ve been through a lot and your looks may not be the same as it used to be when you were younger. You have to look at the mirror and to see what you need to upgrade. Do you need a new hair style? Do you need a new set of wardrobe? When was the last time you went to a salon or bought new clothes? Improving your looks doesn’t have to be costly, you just have to be realistic that you need to spend a little more to look good. Improving your looks doesn’t mean you are changing who you are but you are just transforming to a better version of yourself. You will be more confident to go out on a date if you are happy with your looks and you know that you look great.

Be more interesting. In getting back in the dating scene after divorce, you have to capture the interest of men. Most men are attracted to women who are interesting. Learn new things to be more interesting. Perhaps your married life before prevented you from pursuing something that you are interested in like photography, arts, learning a musical instrument etc. Now is the perfect time to get yourself busy with photography class, art class or guitar lessons. People who have skills and creative are more interesting. But of course you have to make sure that you really enjoy doing those things because nothing is more attractive than a woman who enjoys what she’s doing.

Go out. If you want to date again but you still spend day-offs and weekends at home, nothing will change. Good things will not start happening unless you go out and be visible again. Meet your friends again and go out. By being visible again outside, it is an announcement that you are on the market again and ready to date.

Be clear with what you want. Do you want a serious relationship or do you want to just date and hang out? Getting back in the dating scene after divorce can be easier if you know what you want. It is also fair to the other person to know what to expect. Knowing what you want will also help you find the kind of guy you are looking for a date.

Do not be judgmental. If you saw something quite familiar that reminds you of your ex, avoid being judgmental. Avoid comparing your date from your ex-husband. Give your date a chance for you to know him better. Be open-minded and remember that no two individuals are the same and every person is different.

Do not be too hard on yourself. Going on a date for the first time again after a really long time can be scary. You do not know how the dating rules have changed and you do not know how it is to go out again with a guy. Do not let those fears and worries over-empower you. Getting back in the dating scene after divorce doesn’t mean you have to try so hard. Do not be too hard on yourself, just be yourself and enjoy the date. So what if it is not a perfect date, no date is perfect anyway. Just enjoy the moment and treat every date as a learning process that will help you get comfortable again in the dating scene.

Divorce can make you think that something is not right with you. The thing is, nothing is wrong with you and you are not alone. There are many women who are on the same situation and making a life after divorce.


8 Tips for Women to Survive a Blind Date

Do you consider going on a blind date? Blind dates can be exciting and if you are lucky and it turns out right, you could end up with a new boyfriend or at least a new friend. But if not given a much thought, it could turn bad and end up in tragedy. Here are some tips to help you survive a blind date and make sure you’ll leave there with a happy experience.

Safety first. Make sure that you’ll literally survive a blind date by putting high priority to your safety. Remember that you’ll be meeting someone you’ve never met or spoken to before, so be extremely cautious. Maybe a common friend or a trusted third party set you up for a blind date and this could lessen the worry but still do not let your guard off. Make sure to let your family or bestfriend know of your whereabouts and who you are meeting. It is best to meet in public places like galleries, museums, amusement parks or coffee shops.

Be well prepared and presentable. Remember that first impression lasts and this is your only chance to give that lasting good impression so come well prepared. Of course, you should know that being well prepared is different from overdoing it. Do not overdressed or underdressed, dress smart and appropriately. Wear something you are comfortable with but appropriate for the occasion. Put attention to your hair, nails and shoes. Appear neat, clean and smell good. Of course, be yourself because trying to impress him by being someone you are not is not impressive at all and could backfire on you. Always come prepared to make sure you’ll survive a blind date.

Choose or suggest a place where you both can do something. The venue of your date is an important factor to consider if you want to survive a blind date. Places where you can do something like watching animals in a zoo, enjoy rides in amusement parks, enjoy arts in a gallery or art museum or a stroll or walk on the park can be fun. A dinner or a movie date for a blind date can be awkward. In a dinner date, you’ll end up sitting in front of each other doing nothing but staring with each other if you both find it hard to think of a subject to talk about. It could end up like an interview or a question and answer situation. With a movie date, it can be hard to guess what your date will enjoy since you still do not know each other. You’ll learn more about the person you’ll be meeting when you are doing things together than merely sitting at one place.

Be realistic and avoid expecting too much or too little. It is impossible not to have expectations, after all you are only human and you can’t help but wonder or hope that this guy could be the Mr. Right you’ve been waiting for. But be easy with your expectations and avoid having high expectations to avoid frustrations. While it is not good to set high expectations, having low expectations on the other hand could be dangerous as you might appear on your blind date with lack of interest and unprepared. What if an irresistible guy appeared right in front of you and you are not presentable? It is best to be realistic and flexible with your expectations to survive a blind date, look your best and come well prepared for whoever you’ll meet on your blind date.

Go Dutch. It is best to be clear and upfront who will pay for the date before going to your blind date. It is your first time to meet each other so it is fair not to expect him to pay for everything. Make it known to him that you prefer to go dutch. The good thing about this is that whatever happens, you will not feel indebted to him or burdened that you owe him something. Suggest or choose a place that you both can afford, besides you don’t want to be caught in a situation where you can’t afford to pay for your share.

Don’t go totally blind. Yes, this is a blind date but you don’t have to go to your date totally blind or clueless. Of course you know who your matchmaker right? Try to get as much information about your date from your matchmaker to have a slight idea about the person you’ll be meeting for the first time. By doing so, you can save yourself from unnecessary anxiety, you’ll know how to prepare yourself and you can relax a little bit.

Learn to converse effectively. Conversation is the major part of this blind date and to survive a blind date, you have to know how to converse effectively. Although you want to talk about yourself, be cautious not to talk too much about yourself and let your date speak and say something about himself too. Learn when to stop talking and listen. Being a good listener is the secret to a great conversation. You can communicate better when you listen more.

Do not walk away or stood him up. It is not a good thing to never show up just because you happen to saw him first outside the venue and his looks is not much to your liking. Even if he is not your type, meet him because you already agreed to have a blind date with him. It is also not a good thing to walk away in the middle of the date if there is no chemistry between the two of you. If there is really no sparks, do not be rude and still show your good side. Try to end the date early in a friendly manner. You can proudly say that you survived a blind date if you were nice and friendly despite the lack of sparks or chemistry and you both went on to your separate ways without feeling ill towards each other.

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How to Impress a Guy on a First Date

Whether you want a future or not with this guy you are going to date, you want of course your first date to be a success. Every woman wants to wow a guy on their first date. So what it takes to impress a guy on a first date?

Be punctual. While most women tend to keep men waiting, it doesn’t mean that you have to do the same and make him wait. Be on time and this could be a pleasant surprise that could impress any guy. A woman who is considerate of other people’s time is amazing. To impress a guy on a first date, respect his time and be punctual.

Carry yourself well. The way you walk and carry yourself attracts and impress men. It is necessary to dress appropriately and put some effort on your overall looks and style for your first date but it is how you carry yourself that can really impress a guy on a first date. Even if you made a great effort on your looks but failed to carry yourself with confidence, then your date won’t be impressed. Your appearance matters but your good looks must be coupled with confidence to be able to make a lasting impression on your first date. If you are comfortable and confident with yourself, then you are on the right path to impress a guy on a first date.

Ask him to talk about himself. First date is a getting to know each other and although it is not advisable to divulge everything about yourself on a first date, it is not good to be so quiet. Most men expect that women love to talk about themselves but it will be a good surprise if you will show interest and ask him to talk about his job, career, hobbies, family, etc. It means that you are interested to know him and you actually want a good conversation with him. Men are usually not big talkers and usually not comfortable expressing themselves, if you can make him talk about himself for a change, that would really impress him. To impress a guy on a first date, make him talk about himself.

Listen. Asking questions to show you are interested is one thing but listening is another thing. You will not leave a good impression if you are just asking him questions to somehow appear that you are interested but not actually listening to what he’s talking about. Everybody wants to be heard when they are talking and men are no different, they want to be heard too. You’ll be amazed on how as simple as listening or absorbing what he’s saying can impress a guy on a first date.

Talk about your interest. Most people talk about their jobs, so for a change talk about your hobbies and other interest. Who knows, you and your date might discover you both have the same interest. Sharing about your hobbies and interest will show that you are an independent woman who knows what you really want and that is pretty impressive. Sharing a little bit about yourself and what interests you can be very helpful to impress a guy on a first date.

Exercise good manners and right conduct. Women should be refined and must display good manners. Being rude and too loud will not help you make a good impression on your first date. Be courteous and do not forget to say thank you and please. It will not only show that you have good manners but it will also show that you’ve been brought up well by your parents.

Create a pleasant atmosphere on your date. It is good to be relaxed on your first date but do not get too relaxed that you find it comfortable to complain about things that should not be discussed on your first date. If you want to impress a guy on a first date, leave the drama and stress at work or at home. If you had a bad day, your first date is not the venue to complain about your issues at work and at home. Keep a pleasant and positive atmosphere on your date. He will be impressed on how positive and pleasant you are when in reality, the world is a stressful place to live in.

Do not try too hard to impress your date. It can be a real turn-off to be too obvious that you are trying hard to impress him. The easiest way to impress a guy on a first date is to just relax and let things happen naturally. He will be impressed on how you are so relaxed and cool about your first date and it may also encourage him not to be too nervous.

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Increase Your Chances of Getting a Second Date- What Women Should Know

First dates are nerve wracking but getting a second date is another story that makes women anxious especially if they really like the guy. To save yourself from the anxiety of wondering if you will get a second date or not, it is important to know how to increase your chances of getting a second date. The following tips can be very helpful.

Avoid acting like you are interrogating him. Getting to know him better is not the same as interrogation. One mistake that women usually do on a first date is asking too much questions that it looks more an  interrogation than getting to know each other. It is normal to ask questions to get to know him more and to engage in an interesting conversation but a guy can sense if you are interrogating him as if you are checking if he fits the criteria you are looking for. Stop the thought that you are out with a guy to interrogate him to find out if he is “the one” you are looking for. If you keep doing this, you are not helping yourself to increase your chances of getting a second date.

Avoid getting physical or kissing on first date. Of course most guys do like to make out on a first date but you have to decide if this is what you really want. There are two kinds of women guys date, one is a girl just for fun and second is the girl they bring home to meet their mom. Decide which one you want to be. If you are a woman who are hoping for a second date and want to be taken seriously, you do not want to appear too easy so avoid getting physical on a first date to increase your chances of getting a second date.

Leave your baggage at home. If you want to scare your date away and you do not want to increase your chances of getting a second date, by all means, bring up your bitterness, resentments, etc. about your past relationships. There is nothing scarier than a woman with a lot of baggage. First dates should be fun and light and this is not the time to talk about your past or your ex.

Just have fun on your first date. Having expectations on a first date could ruin your date. Sometimes women go on a first date expecting to find the man of their dreams but that could put more pressure on the guy making the date less fun. Why not just date without expectations and just enjoy the moment and let things happen naturally. A pressure-free and enjoyable first date could increase your chances of getting a second date.

Know when to listen and stop talking. Yes you want to impress the guy on your first date but this does not mean you have to talk about yourself all the time. Would you want a second date with someone who always talk about himself? Of course not. Know when to stop talking and allow him to express himself and talk about himself. By listening and showing interest in him, you are creating a great conversation which could increase your chances of getting a second date.

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3 Tips to Make Men Fall for You

Maybe you are wondering why some women are successful in dating men and you probably wish you have a magic wand to make men fall for you too. Actually you do not need magic to make men fall head over heels for you. If you have the total package that men look for in a woman, you have the advantage over other women.

Here are some tips to make men fall for you.

Reinvent yourself.

This is not telling you to become a totally different person because pretending to be someone you are not can be a great turn off to men. Reinventing yourself is about creating a better version of yourself. Everybody wants to be better but it is important to have the right mind-set that reinventing yourself is not changing who you are to please someone but making a better version of yourself to make you happy with who you are. There are things or traits that we don’t like about ourselves and they often bring not so good things in our lives and of course we want to change those not so desirable traits to be better.

If you are happy with the best version of yourself, most men will not fail to notice that. You will become more irresistible than before. With a better version of yourself, you are more confident that you can make men fall for you.

Improving your appearance is one way to reinvent yourself. Your body and your face have important roles in your total appearance and you should take care of them. Maintain a good shape. Be more physically active to maintain a physically fit body. Eat the right foods to keep you healthy. Take care of your face. Always keep your face clean and moisturized. If you have acne problems, seek the best solution to get rid of them. Change your hairstyle occasionally to be more interesting but of course choose a hairstyle that looks good on you and suits your personality. Pay attention to your personal hygiene, it is important to practice good hygiene to appear clean and fresh all the time. Choose your outfits carefully. Choose clothes that flatter your best features and can make you standout. If you have attractive legs, then do not afraid to show your legs but dress appropriately and avoid sending the wrong message. Always look good even at home, who knows if someone will knock at your door and that someone could be the one for you.

Reinventing yourself is not only about outside appearance but it also includes your personality. This is more about the traits and habits that you have that are not really appealing. For instance, if you are a naturally shy person and not good at conversing with people, striving to overcome your shyness or learning to converse better with people is a step to reinvent yourself. Learning to be more confident with yourself is a good change that can bring more positive things in your life. If you are happy with who you are, you can make men fall for you.

Smile more.

Women usually wear make-up to look beautiful and more attractive. Do you know that the best make-up that you can wear is your smile? Smile more and smile often to make men fall for you. Some people do not realize the positive impact of smiling often. Smiling is the best way to communicate your happiness and it is infectious. A smile can put you and the people around you in good mood. Wearing a smile makes you look more youthful, cheerful, friendly and approachable. Of course to be confident with your smile you must have a good set of pearly white teeth so make sure to visit your dentist regularly to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

A smile is a powerful habit that attracts or magnetize people, including the opposite sex of course. Why do you think the painting of Mona Lisa became one of the most famous paintings that most people want to look at? It is because of her smile.

Smiling is a gesture that everyone can do effortlessly so why not practice the habit of smiling often to increase your level of attractiveness. Make men fall for you by flashing your infectious smiles.

Have a few hobbies or acquire some skills that not everybody can do.

If you are someone who have no passion or interest on something, you probably are a boring person which is a major turn off to men and it can be a hindrance to make men fall for you. Women who have lots of interests and hobbies are more interesting and more capable of attracting men.
Playing sports is one of the hobbies than men find sexy and attractive. Most men are attracted to physically active women maybe because they are looking for healthy women who can live long and can produce them their heirs. Aside from that, most men are physically active and they find it interesting to know a woman who is also interested on what they are doing.

Cooking is another skill or hobby that men find attractive. As the old saying goes “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” You cooking skills can bring romance into your life.

The ability to play a musical instrument is an attractive skill that you can use to make men fall for you. Learning a musical instrument requires dedication, patience and talent and those are admirable traits that men usually look for a partner. People can also communicate their feelings through music and this is a great tool to connect with men emotionally

Of course whatever hobbies or new skills you acquired, it is important that you enjoy doing them because the joy of doing them makes you more attractive.

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Become a Physically Attractive Woman

To attract men, you have to be physically attractive first.

They say that physical beauty is only skin deep and the most important beauty is the beauty within. We cannot argue with that but still, physical beauty plays an important role when it comes to attracting men. While women are emotional beings, men are visual beings. You have to get him to notice you first before you could make him to like you.

Before a woman could connect to a man emotionally, she have to satisfy him first visually. A physically attractive woman has the advantage because men often hesitate to take the first step of approaching women if they do not like what they see. So how to become a physically attractive woman?

Shiny long locks. The attractive power of a woman’s hair should not be overlooked. Most men are attracted to women with shiny long hair maybe because it looks more feminine and they like the idea of running their fingers through a woman’s long hair. A long shiny hair is an indication that a woman is healthy and it also says a lot about her character. A woman who spends money, time and a gives a great commitment to care for her hair shows that she’s financially able and concern with her physical health and well-being which are the traits that most men find adorable. Your hair can help you become a physically attractive woman. A woman with beautiful long hair is also more confident with her looks making her more attractive.

A good shape. There are studies that a woman’s shape is correlated to a woman’s health and reproductive capacity. Men are often attracted to women who are physically fit and in good shape, maybe because it suggest that they are healthy and capable of producing them their heirs if ever they end up together. Most men never failed to notice a woman with a good shape. To become a physically attractive woman, keeping a healthy and fit shape is important.

Flawless healthy skin. The skin is the largest organ of the body and if you have a flawless healthy skin, you are a physically attractive woman. Take care of your skin and  always keep it moisturized. If you have flawless skin, you are confident that you can wear anything without blemishes to hide. Most men cannot resist admiring women with flawless skin.

Nice feet. The feet are often neglected and this is a mistake if you are a woman who wants to attract men. Some people do not realize that the feet can be attractive too. Men usually admire women who have nice feet including clean nails because it says a lot about their character. A woman who takes care of her feet means she has a great personal hygiene and concern even on the small details that most people forget. A physically attractive woman have nice feet. Women with nice feet can wear sexy shoes and they will definitely look sexy and attractive on them.

Dress appropriately. Wear clothes that fits your personality. The clothes that you wear says something about your personality or the image that you want to project. It is best to be yourself and wear clothes that flatter your best features but avoid giving the wrong message. If you want to be respected and taken seriously, you will not wear too sexy clothes that will put you in trouble. This does not mean that you are not allowed to be sexy, being sexy doesn’t mean you have to show more skin. A physically attractive woman wear appropriate clothes in accordance with the occasion, her age and the people she hang out with.

Shiny white teeth and a perfect smile. A smile is the most attractive physical feature of a person and you cannot wear that infectious smile if you don’t have shiny white teeth. Care for your teeth and have a regular visit to your dentist because your teeth is your best tool for giving that perfect smile.

Attractive face. An attractive face doesn’t mean you have to be the goddess of beauty enough to be a Hollywood celebrity. An attractive face means you know your best facial features and you know how to make them stand out. In the case of your not so great facial features, you should know how to make them less noticeable. For instance, if you have a wide jaw or wide forehead, you can make these features less noticeable by sporting a hairstyle downplaying those not so great facial features. If you do not have double eyelids and your eyes are really small, there are make-up tricks that you can do to make your eyes a little bigger and appear with a double eyelid. A well-kept and well-shaped eyebrows can make your face look clean and refreshing. Always moisturize your face and lips to keep your youthful glow.

It needs some work, discipline and dedication to appear physically pleasing but every woman can become a physically attractive woman if they want to. Are you not yet convinced that you can be irresistible? You want to be a desirable woman? Find out how, visit  Make Him Desire You

Discover the Best Places to Meet Single Men

With the growing population of single women, dating and finding Mr. Right could be a real challenge. The common question of these single women is “Where to find eligible men?” Knowing the best places to meet single men could be very helpful in finding your dream man.
Being single has its benefits but of course most women want to eventually meet someone they can share their life with. If you’ve been single for a long time now and wondering why you haven’t met the one you’ve been waiting for, maybe you have to do something other than just waiting.
There are places where singles can be found. So what are the best places to meet single men?

bestplacestomeetsinglemen1Church. One of the best places to meet single men is in the church. What could be better than meeting a single decent guy who shares the same values and faith as yours? Finding your dream man in a holy place will take away most of your doubts if you share the same values and beliefs about relationships and raising a family. Attending church regularly is one of the best ways to meet your future lifetime partner. Even if you don’t see a single guy who immediately catches your attention, you can make friends with other regular churchgoers who may have single siblings, children, friends, etc. Making new friends in the church can help you widen your network and your chances of meeting single men. But of course your main reason for going to church is to worship God.

bestplacestomeetsinglemen2Singles bar. This is one of the best places to meet single men and one of the oldest ways of meeting eligible men  but it may not be the best place to find men who want to commit. Sure there are lots of single men on pubs or bars and a couple of beers can help you muster the courage to talk to some of them but you also have to be realistic that the influence of alcohol or being tipsy on your first meeting could send the wrong message to those guys. The worst case is meeting a guy who is just looking for a drunken hook-up which is not exactly the guy you are looking for. Many guys go to bars just to hook-up and they are not looking for someone to date but do not be disheartened, the opportunity to meet your Mr. Right in singles bars is always there but at the same time you have to be realistic. This first meeting could end up to a one night stand, casual dating or if you are really lucky, a long-term relationship. Instead of just being a couch potato on a Friday night, going to bars could be fun and could give you the chance of meeting single guys that could be your future boyfriend.

bestplacestomeetsinglemen3Online singles chat rooms and dating sites. This may not be one of the best places to meet single men, but this route should not be ignored. Single women who want to get into a relationship usually want to look for eligible men in the community they live in but sometimes they are too busy with work or there are circumstances that don’t allow them to find Mr. Right in their area. With the increasing number of busy single women around the world, going online is the most practical way for them to meet other people. If you will choose this route, make sure that you know the safety precautions of meeting people online to protect yourself. The result could be extremes, you could meet a psycho or you could meet a decent guy who could be a potential boyfriend or husband. There are many reputable chat rooms and online dating sites so make sure to choose one that will give you the best results and at the same time will take care of your security. But above all, you have to know that you are the best person who can take care of yourself online.


Shopping malls or supermarkets. This is one of the best places to meet single men and chances are, you will meet eligible men living in your area. Going to shopping malls and supermarkets can be fun and can be an avenue to meet lots of people including single men of course. Visiting the men’s section, the tools or hardware section, gadgets, tech and appliances section can give you a better chance to meet single guys. Being a woman, it is natural for you to ask help about men’s products you are looking for. Of course you have to think of a good reason why you are there just in case a cute guy approached and asked you. One good reason is shopping for a gift for your brother or your father. The grocery section is also a good place to meet single men because like you, single men especially those living on their own do their own grocery shopping.

bestplacestomeetsinglemen4Bookstores and book clubs. If you love reading, one of the best places to meet single men is in the bookstores. It would be nice to meet someone with the same interest as yours. Since you both love books and reading, you have plenty of topics to talk about. You could also meet single guys through book clubs. The good thing about like-minded people is that they can easily gel with each other so you might end up having coffee together while talking about your common interest.
In your workplace or in the office. Office romance is not something new and there are many people who date or marry people of the same work or profession as theirs. Doctors marry doctors, lawyers to lawyers, accountants to accountants and office workers to another office worker simply because they are together everyday and they understand each other’s work. Do not look too far because your Mr. Right might be in the next cubicle right in front of you.

Community or charity services. Of course the only reason to do community or charity service is that you want to give back to the community but it is inevitable to meet new people since this kind of activity involves other people. Good things happen to good people and who knows, your good deeds might actually turn into a good fortune of finding your dream man. But even if you don’t end up meeting the guy of your dreams, at the end of the day, you know that you’ve done something good to others. There are plenty of community and charity services that you can do like a blood drive, food drive, cleaning campaign, programs for senior citizens, environmental projects, youth programs, helping other kids, helping animal shelters, etc.

Parties with friends and weddings. Your friends can help you find a man. One of the best places to meet single men is through attending weddings and parties with mutual friends. Hanging out with friends in parties and weddings will give you the chance to meet the friends of your friends. Meeting single men through mutual friends is a great way to expand your network of friends. With a broad network of friends, it will be easier to meet the man you are looking for.

In the gym or sports activities. It is common for men to be physically active and to be involved in physical fitness activities. Most men want to be physically fit and the best place to keep their body fit is in the gym or doing outdoor sports or physical activities. Many of these men who are very concerned about their physique are single men. One of the best places to meet single men is in the gym or outdoor sports activities. Participating in sports or physical activities like bowling, golf, rock climbing or joining a running club can help you meet healthy single men.

bestplacestomeetsinglemen8Workshops or training schools. Cooking lessons, acting workshops, dance classes, photography classes are some of the best places to meet single men. Doing this is like hitting two birds in one stone. You can learn new skills and you can meet new people including single men who are interested on the same things you are into. Meeting single men with the same interest as yours can be really exciting. You have more things to talk about and you can do things together.

Beach. Although the beach may not be one of the ideal places to meet single men, there are romances that started meeting their soulmate on the beach. Men do not usually go alone on the beach, some go with their families, some with their wives or girlfriends but some go with their male friends. If you love the water and loves walking by the seashore, there is nothing wrong going to the beach and who knows you might bump into one of those group of single guys having fun on the beach. Love can be found in the most unexpected place.

Art exhibits and museums. People who love arts are romantic people and they could be the best dates. Art exhibits and museums are two of the best places to meet single men. There are studies that guys who enjoy viewing arts and cultural pieces in galleries and museums are happier and in better shape physically and psychologically than those who don’t visit these places. Going to museums and art exhibits will give you the chance to meet single men.

Parks. This is a very common place where people go to relax and get some fresh air and of course, one of the best places to meet single men. Some people go to the park to jog in the morning or during lunch breaks. Some spend their weekends reading a book, doing stuffs on their gadgets or simply sitting on the bench watching other people. Some people go to the park to walk their dog which is a great way to attract single men who are also pet lovers.

Waiting for the right man to come to you may not be applicable in today’s generation where eligible men have become a rare specie and the number of single ladies is getting bigger. If you keep waiting, chances are, you’ll end up single for a long time. Your dream man maybe somewhere out there doing his thing and meeting new people, including women or potential girlfriends while you are just sitting there waiting for him to find you. Why not go out and visit the places mentioned above where you can find nice single men to zest up your dating life and meet your dream man?
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The Key to Keeping Him Insanely Addicted (Sinful But Works!)


These days, many women admittedly find that they can no longer keep a man’s attention. Even more shocking, is the fact that many women find they struggle to keep a man’s attention for even 5 minutes, EVEN if she’s known him for years.

We’ve reached the shockingly defining moment in our era, where many women have easily experienced a guy who would have an amazing night with them, and tell them just how great they were…. only to never call back after.

Gone are the days where men spent weeks, months, and even years chasing down a woman, or trying to get her attention.

Instead, we find, almost comically, that women instead have taken over the role of the chasers, in a desperate bid to garner even just a tiny amount of affection. And of course nobody could blame a woman for practically hunting down and clamping onto a man in this day and age, where the average attention span of an adult has now reached a mere 3 seconds.

To put it bluntly….a goldfish has a longer attention span now, than the average modern man.
But we can’t exactly blame the guys either. You have to keep in mind the fact that they are constantly being bombarded with ads, and images, and peer pressure to move onto the next bigger or better thing.

There’s even constant pressure, now more than ever even for women too,  to be 5 lbs lighter, have teeth just two shades whiter, dress just a little bit better, style your hair just a little bit more fuller…. The list goes on and on and never seems to end.

It can be extremely frustrating, especially when this reality takes over your love life, with men who also appear to be looking for the next best thing, and with guys who can’t seem to stay on the same page for too long, especially when it comes to love.

It’s at this point that something has to give…. or change. Obviously you can’t continue attempting relationship after relationship with a guy who runs around like a zebra from a lion in his love life.

And obviously you can’t constantly be forced to feel like you’re never going to be loved the way you need, and deserve from a man, because love is in such short supply.

But this, obviously, is where a very easy and quick solution comes in, because the problem you are facing….the one where you struggle to get a man to love you whole heartedly, is a problem that can be easily fixed.

The key is to use the Moving Target Method.
By now, if you’ve read this far, you’ve been having a little ‘aha’ kind of moment going on in your head, and even if not, you’re about to, because there’s one simple fact that I’ve already revealed to you that will play an important role moving forward.
What fact is that?

The fact that men struggle to keep their attention on one thing for very long.

But the secret key to this fact, that you must remember is this:

Men actually ONLY STRUGGLE to keep their attention on you, ONLY IF there’s not enough motivation.
So what does that mean exactly?
It means this: if you can create enough interest, or enough motivation inside a man…. He’ll become drawn to you like bees to honey.
Thus, the key to truly igniting a man’s passion toward you, or igniting any true emotional reaction from a man is to know exactly how to keep his attention sustained indefinitely on you.

Knowing how to do that is as simple as understanding a man’s core motivations.
By now you’ve probably noticed that many men of the modern era don’t like to settle down for too long. They might go on a date with a woman, and even have a great time- but still be out the next night, looking again for something new or exciting.

And even married men are guilty of ‘replacing’ their wives with other hobbies or activities that get their interest, almost reducing their women to an invisible entity.
So the key is that men CAN and WILL become almost laser focused toward something, as long as they feel motivated. Thus learning why they become motivated is your ultimate key to truly capturing his heart.

So what motivates men then? What makes them tick? How do you get a man excited toward you more permanently?
Ultimately, men become motivated when they are challenged, or when something presents itself as a CONTINUOUSLY EMOTIONALLY REWARDING reality for him.
To best explain this, think about the most stereotypical hobbies that men have. Things like fast paced cars speeding down a road, action packed movies, and intensely graphic video games might come to mind.

What could possibly motivate a man to want to see that, be a part of it, or be taking part in that over and over again?

Well the answer is in how it makes him feel.
Fast paced cars, and explosive action packed movie sequences all have one very simple thing in common…. Its adrenaline inducing. It’s got a thrill to it. There’s an emotional buildup happening each and every time a man takes part in something like that.

It’s that emotional buildup that men are craving, and become addicted to – and they will easily and willingly partake in any activity that they feel will reward them in this exact way.
Men can easily feel this buildup around women, but the problem is that most women don’t know how to sustain that buildup.

Simply put; most women actually don’t know how to keep a man emotionally wound up over long periods of time, and thus men move on looking for the next thing that will do that for them.

Now before you go blaming men for being so damn weird about their emotions, and before you go thinking “well why do I have to do all the work all the time…why is it always my job”… there’s one thing you must understand about men, that will make this a lot easier for you in the future.

Men don’t get the same feeling, like you do, from connecting with people through talking, and sharing their emotions.

You feel better when you are close to someone, sharing your deepest secrets… men however, actually feel weird doing that.

That is, unless, you can prove to them that it’s emotionally rewarding, and that a buildup of positive intense emotions is going to take place.

So, the key is to learn how to create the buildup, and the Moving Target Method of course, will show you how to do that.

So how does The Moving Target Method it work?
Well there’s two simple steps:

Step #1: Shower Him With Attention For A Short Period.

Step #2: Cut Off The Attention.
This may sound extremely simple, but keep in mind your goal is to create the emotional buildup, to get the explosive reaction of intense attraction you are seeking.

Without the buildup, what will happen is this:
You’ll shower him with attention. He’ll enjoy it. But then he’ll grow bored, and wonder “what’s next”.

You end up stuck on level 1, when you intended to be moving along with this man to level 12.
So the key to getting a man to BECOME insanely addicted is to give him a little piece of the pie, but to challenge him to work for the rest.

Rinse and repeat, and repeat again.
Think of it like nourishment. Can you survive for the next 50 years, on one apple?
Heck no.

Would you want to just have one apple for the next 50 years either?
Even if you could…. WOULD you?

It works the same way here. You build up the tension and desire by giving him a little bit of something he’s already interested in…. which is you.

Men DO want to have a woman’s attention and time, but they just can’t connect with it, if it comes too easily.

Men want to feel like they’re earning it, which is exactly what step #2 accomplishes, by removing his rights and forcing him to push and pull for the right to have you back.

That’s not to say that you have to go so crazy with this technique that he doesn’t feel like anything would work, but it’s rather to say that doing this in little ways each day is the ultimate key. Just like a man does on his own, when you watch him.

He thrill seeks in little ways each day to feel emotionally satisfied.
The key, therefore, to keeping him hooked in the long run is to do exactly that: give him little bursts of pushes and pulls…. become the “Moving Target”.

You see something very interesting happens when you understand the buildup process, and when you become a moving target for him. You create a chase, and this chase creates an intense attraction buildup inside of a man.

This happens because first you confuse him, thus creating anticipation of the unexpected, and secondly, because you don’t allow him to take you for granted.

He’s not certain if you’re running away, and any minute he feels like this might be a loss, it’s no longer a positive emotional experience for him to allow you to leave. So instead, he’ll see it as rewarding to work to get your attention back.

And thus you form a circle of attraction, wherein he rewards you, and you reward him accordingly as you move forward or backward according to his reactions, moving like a Yin and Yang.

The key now, is to know how to implement the Moving Target technique.
You do this by using the right set of attention grabbing hooks and pulls, and by carefully releasing those hooks to keep him coming back for more.

But now the big question is, How do you implement the Moving Target technique to have a man feel intensely attracted to you, and have that attraction only build and become stronger over time?

Answering the “how” is actually surprisingly simple, but you want to be careful in knowing just what to say and do to get his attention on you intensely enough to create this reaction to begin with.

Thankfully there’s a very easy explanation, which will show you exactly how to amplify his attraction toward you, to create the perfect tension buildup between you and a man.
Watch this video right now to find out how to do it – Secret Love Spells

How To Make Him Choose You Over Other Women (Even If They’re Prettier)


Are you stuck with a guy who has the ‘shifty eye syndrome’? Or maybe you’re in a relationship with a man whose neck would break to get a peek at anything with legs;meanwhile you’re collecting dust over in the corner, wondering if he’ll ever see you that way again.

You might not realize it just yet, but when it comes to love, men are actually pretty straight forward.
It might sound impossible right now, but there’s only one thing you need to remember when it comes to men and love:

Simplify, simplify, simplify.

It’s often when a woman tries to make things too complicated, or when she tries too hard that men lose interest or become too confused to know how to react or respond. It’s this reality, actually, that has many marriages ending in divorce, and many more middle aged women unable to find a man or even get a date.

At the end of the day, when asked, many men admit that their ideal relationship is one that involves simplicity. No crazy desperation, or intense mind games, or never-ending arguments. Just the basics…. with a little bit of edge to keep things interesting.

So how do you add that fine line of edginess into a relationship, without over-complicating things?
Well, it’s simple.
You use the Mouse Trap Method.

By now you’re sitting here going “huh….what the heck is that?”, but glad you’re asking, because this technique is about to completely revolutionize and simplify your love life.

The Mouse Trap method is simple, because it can be applied to any stage of a relationship, and it does one thing, and one thing only: it makes a guy go completely ‘ga-ga’ for you.

I’ve literally seen guys turning down supermodel type women, just to rush home to a woman who has used this technique on him.

I’ve even seen extremely dry relationships go from dead, to bursting with intense passion within the span of just a few short weeks, under the same premise.

So to say that this technique will help you, is putting it lightly. It will SAVE you.

So you’re wondering how it works?
Well, when a guy is checking out other women, or when your man loses interest in you, like most women, you probably thrust yourselves toward him, practically begging for attention…right?

Like most women, you likely don’t realize when you’re doing that either, or to what extent, but I can guarantee you’ve done this numerous times, if you’re dealing with a man who has the Shifty Eye Syndrome.

In cases like these, where a man’s attention is not solely on you, or where he has withdrawn from you emotionally (he’s become an emotional ghost), it actually can completely ruin your chances of ever having a man love you like you desire if you push yourself toward him.
Men, simply put, don’t want that.

That’s the ‘over complication’ I was talking about earlier. A man wants to feel free to make his own choices about how he feels, and when he is feeling how he feels.

Men absolutely HATE it when a woman tries to take control of his emotions and of his attention forcefully, especially if he’s already communicated that he wants his distance.

In that moment, he’s simply not hungry. Like a little toddler who refuses to eat even just one smaller mouthful, much to a parent’s frustration, a grown men works similarly when it comes to love.
If he doesn’t want it, he’s not going to take it.

The key, therefore, is to make him hungry for it. Wait it out, much like you would with a mouse trap and a piece of cheese.

If you try to bring the cheese to the mouse, he’ll run away.
But if you leave it for him, when he’s ready, and hungry enough….he’ll come get it.
He’ll even come get it from dangerous locations, if the hunger is strong enough.

And that, ladies, is the key to the Mouse Trap technique.
Leave the bait, allow him to become hungry for it, and let him take it.

It doesn’t have to be extremely complicated or confusing. It’s as simple as that, because men want to be in control and want to be the deciders, especially in a relationship or when attraction is involved.

Their natural instincts make them desire the chase, and the hunt; which men ultimately find rewarding. Remember if you are trying to push or force his attention on you, he’ll have nothing to chase, because the reality is you are the one chasing him.

It’s as ironic as trying to catch a mouse by running around with 100 chunks of cheese and throwing them at the mouse.

So, by now you’re wondering how this whole Mouse Trap technique works?
The process is simple.

Here is how the Mouse Trap process works:
Step #1: Wait.

When he becomes an emotional ghost, or withdraws from you (even if you’ve just met recently, or have known him for a long time), WAIT. Don’t hurdle your cheese at him, hoping he’ll come around just because you’ve got a treat.

Be patient. This quality is actually one of your biggest allies when it comes to winning in a relationship, because a man cannot block or run from a patient woman. When a woman doesn’t fight what he’s doing, there’s nothing for him to force back in retaliation, so he gives in.

This is true especially if you’re dealing with a man who has shifty eyes, or who often appears to long for other women whether outwardly or in secret. If you’re not forcing yourself, there’s nothing for him to fight…there’s no reason for him to find now to ignore you.

Step #2: Set up the cheese.
The cheese, obviously, is you. You’re the bait. But you’re not going to throw yourself at him. You’re not going to break into little pieces to try and see if this or that would get his attention. No.

You simplify it. You wait, then you bait.
How do you bait?
That’s simple too, and I’ll talk about that in just a little bit, but for now understand just this one simple thing: your job is to wait for him to become hungry…which he will…if you allow him the opportunity.

Step #3: Let him take a bite- but make that bite so deliciously tempting that he’ll want to come back again and again.

This is where you show him what he was missing, which sounds complicated as well, but it’s actually pretty simple. Now that he’s told you he’s hungry for you, it’s actually very easy to tempt him and keep him hooked.
The key, is to use an open loop of attraction to do that.

What’s an open loop?
Well it’s essentially a never-ending wave of emotional buildup, wherein a man continuously builds up emotional excitement toward you, until he feels he can’t take it anymore, and explodes that excitement unto you. This loop then repeats again, just like a wave coming back and forth to the shore.

So now you must be wondering how to set up the cheese, and make him take the bait?
Earlier I mentioned that I was going to show you how to bait him, and you’re also probably wondering how to open a loop that’ll keep him hooked.

The ‘how’ is actually very simple.  You do it by using secret little love spells.
No, these aren’t those corny ‘voo-doo’ spells you’re probably thinking of; but rather these are carefully crafted hypnotic lines. Follow this link right now to see what I’m talking about- => Secret Love Spell

Ultimate Attraction- Tips to Make Him Fall for You

Do you want to stop wasting your time trying to figure out if he’s Mr. Right? Are his mixed signals driving you NUTS?

Perhaps you’d like to know if he’s truly ready to commit, or what are the qualities that will make him fall for you. We’re happy to inform you that starting TODAY, you can put all those lingering questions to rest.

Men never came with an instruction manual, but here’s the next best thing:
Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series for Women
What lies inside are the best-kept secrets of the male psyche. Unlock them, and a prosperous love life awaits you!

Now then,
Have you ever worked with, or have friends who just seem programmed to be at ease with themselves.but are drop-dead gorgeous at the same time? Has it blown your mind to think how EFFORTLESS it is for some women to be themselves while attracting men left and right??

Are they just blessed with dumb luck, or are they onto something you’re not?

Let’s tackle a few basic traits that generate surefire attraction with the opposite sex:

# 1: Treat yourself like a prize, and he’ll follow suit

An irresistible woman knows that she’s worthy enough of a man’s time, affection, and most of all, RESPECT. She never seeks out a man because she feels like a relationship will save her.

In fact, her life is so complete that she doesn’t need a guy to fix her or make her whole. A sassy woman is perfectly fine being single for the moment because she knows that Mr. Right will come along in due time.

There isn’t any need to go into a panic or lower your standards just to make room for a guy who won’t treat you the way you should be. More importantly, you don’t try attracting a man out of DESPERATION, because that isn’t exactly an endearing quality.

It’s absolutely essential to be a self-referenced woman who doesn’t seek a man out of social pressure.

She allows a man into her life because he makes her happy and adds to her personal growth.

Her relationship doesn’t define her life, but rather enriches it. The problem with a lot of women is that they often date a man for the former reason and not the latter.

As a result, they’ll act needy and clingy because they’re deathly afraid of being alone, even if it means lowering their standards and putting up with any guy that comes along.

Acting out of FEAR is never the basis for a healthy, long-term relationship.

Simply put, self-respect is done by placing value on yourself, and that in turn will prompt a quality man to treat you in the same manner. Otherwise, an attractive woman has no problems showing him the door and moving on with her life.

# 2: Just say “NO” to mind games

The folly of manipulating a guy is that whatever happiness you’ll get out of toying with his mind will be SHORT-LIVED. Once you’ve dealt him your best cards and he’s given up chasing after you, then there won’t be much reason to stick around.

So don’t bother adhering to a bunch of stupid rules. There’s plenty of harmful advice floating out there which are usually created out of specific experiences that don’t apply to everyone. You might hear that you should NEVER kiss on a first date, or that you must go to bed with him on the third one.

Please, these so-called rules are made by bitter and jaded people who want to protect themselves from getting burned again. Following these will only result in game-playing, and that is just another word for “manipulation”.

As I’ve just said, deception has no place in a healthy relationship, and anything based on a lie is bound to crumble in the future. That’s why it’s more important to be a balanced woman instead. That means no playing “hard to get”, nor should you present him with absolutely no challenge at all.

An attractive woman is who she is partly because she knows how to strike the middle ground: she doesn’t mess with a man’s head, but neither is she easily won over.

# 3: Get your head out of the clouds

You know, a lot of relationship problems are caused by having unrealistic standards. When you get caught up in fantasizing about IMPOSSIBLE stereotypes, you’re keeping quality men out of your life.

That’s because NONE of them will be able to measure up to the ideal (read: ridiculously perfect) man living inside that fantasy world of yours! Seriously, you should learn to temper your expectations with a sense of practicality.

In a parallel universe, all of the men you’ll meet have big arms, ripped abs, stunning chiseled looks, and inexhaustible wealth. You might think that meeting ALL of those qualities are the ticket to a great relationship, but it’s so much more than that.

Ask yourself: will I be able to have a happy relationship if my man didn’t have (insert trait here)? If so, then you can either make your standards more realistic or cross out that specific item completely.

If not, then keep it on your list and move on to your other standards.

Pare down your list and stick to the essentials. In twenty years from now, will a flawless physique still be important, as opposed to emotional maturity, faithfulness, or honesty? Think about that for a while.

You’re not living in a movie here – this is the real world you’re in. Don’t wait around for a valiant knight to come barging in and rescue you from the drudge of your daily life.

You’ll have to do that for yourself. That takes us to the next irresistible trait, which is to.

#4: Derive fulfillment and satisfaction from your life, not a relationship

While a sassy woman will make room for a worthy man in her life, she’s not about to turn her schedule upside-down just to accommodate his preferences. She has the guts to go on living the way she was before they met.

It’s very important not to lose focus on the other aspects of your life when you get into a relationship.

As we’ve discussed, your life should revolve around what works best for YOU.

Always have your priorities sorted and don’t develop the habit of dropping everything else just for him. While it’s ok to occasionally move things around for your guy, always leave time for yourself as well adequate room for personal growth.

That’s the problem with a lot of women – once a guy steps into the picture, everything goes haywire.

They forget their family and friends, slack off at work and basically drop off the face of the Earth.

That’s not a healthy way to live your life. Rather, a relationship should enhance the quality of your life and INSPIRE you to do even better.

Going back to what I mentioned before, whether or not you have a boyfriend at the moment shouldn’t affect the big picture. Balance your priorities by keeping him in the loop but not to the point where he’s already disrupting your daily existence.

Referring again to our middle-ground metaphor, learn to go out of your way when appropriate but at the same time, avoid appearing too scarce. Don’t hide from him on purpose just to see how far he’ll chase after you.

You’re better off getting a dog if you’re into that sort of thing. Remember what I told you about playing games!

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How To Be The Girl That Guys Want To Date

NEWS FLASH: Does climbing Mt. Everest seem easier compared to achieving greater self-confidence?  Perhaps you feel that being a bolder, more attractive version of yourself is too much of a tall order.

Are you one of those women who turn into a NERVOUS wreck when meeting a cute guy for the first time?  Worse, do you feel like you should be a totally different person or stuff down all wonderful the aspects of your personality?

If that’s the case, then you need to break out of this harmful train of thought.  The things you want to be are already inside you, but you’ll need a healthy amount of self-confidence for others to see it!
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Get A Great Guy

When you think about the dating scene, what do you believe are the necessary “selling points” you need to get a guy’s attention?  It seems like some girls know something others don’t.

A lot of women end up scratching their heads thinking, “How does SHE do it?  It’s as if she does practically nothing but she’s NEVER short on dates!”

Well, the real trick to connecting with quality guys is by putting yourself on EQUAL footing with them.  After all, the kind of man you want needs to be on the same page as you are, so let’s go through three quick tips:

#1: Look after yourself
You may think that this is about being a flawless specimen of beauty or wallowing in vanity.
NOT at all.

What I’m stressing here is that you need to let everyone know you care enough to look your best.  And that’s not the same as physical perfection… guys just need to cotton on to the fact that you’re always on top of your looks.

The men that we squeal in delight over are considerate enough to look as good as they do.  Even if he isn’t without a few flaws here and there, you KNOW that he’s got it together.

Thus, we ladies should be game enough to make ourselves just as presentable as they are.  Would you date someone that had no regard for hygiene?  Any guy who’s let go of himself would lower his chances of finding a partner � that certainly applies to us as well!

Now, what details should we be concerned about?  First of all, being fresh and clean is paramount.  You may have an awesome personality, but you can help others see all of that by being in a PRESENTABLE package.

This is where regular showers and other daily habits such as flossing, brushing your teeth and shaving come in.  Why should we let cleanliness be an issue that’ll get in the way of meeting gorgeous men?

Try putting on a nice feminine fragrance that distinctly defines you.  Get beautified by spritzing on a light perfume that isn’t overpowering but pleasant enough to have guys at the first whiff!

Also, don’t be shy with lotions (like vanilla or other similarly enticing scents) to keep you looking AND feeling smooth.  There’s nothing like a feminine appearance of delicate softness to appeal to a guy’s masculine sensibilities!

This same approach goes with your sense of style.  Don’t be afraid to try on outfits that amplify your womanly attributes.

Looking good doesn’t have to mean baring too much.  A tasteful outfit should bring out your feminine essence, expose just ENOUGH skin, and accentuate your curves.  If you need help with this, employ the help of the people in your life who have a knack for style and fashion.

They’ll be able to recommend dresses, tops and blouses that will keep you classy and sensual at the same time.  The most elegant wardrobes allow a HINT of skin in the right places… any guy with the tiniest bit of imagination will be intrigued enough to take notice!

I’m sure you know at least one woman who happens to have fabulous hair that suits her perfectly.  You don’t have to imitate her style; instead ask her where she gets her hair done so the same salon can fine tune your own set of locks.

Everyone is different, so consulting with a stylist will help narrow down a customized appearance that complements your frame and personality.  Whether your hairstyle is straight, wavy or curly, the important thing is that it’s clean, lustrous and fully expresses your unique identity!

Of course, FITNESS has a lot to do with being a girl who has it together.  You don’t need a perfect body mass index, but it does matter that you are making an EFFORT in this regard.

As busy girls, we have a load of excuses to keep us from working out regularly.  However, if we recognize its importance in the general scope of dating (or your health for that matter), we can ALWAYS find time to work on ourselves, one way or another.

As for other matters, a dentist, dermatologist and other specialists who offer the kind assistance you need (be it your teeth, skin, etc) to really help polish the overall package.  Investing in their services is a necessary factor to letting everyone know you’re looking after yourself.

Generally, the sum of your beautifying efforts weighs a lot more than your imperfections.  What girl doesn’t have something they don’t like about themselves?

But it doesn’t matter since guys are willing to gloss over these infinitesimal details if they know you’re the kind of girl who doesn’t neglect herself.

In a parallel universe, we could look into each other’s inner beauty and that would be enough. However, the way we present ourselves still matters when it comes to making a memorable first impression!

#2: Have yourself to rely on
Neediness in an emotional and material sense is one of the biggest roadblocks to greater attractiveness.  Sure, guys may get the occasional kick out of being your knight in shining armor, but for the most part you’ll need to let them know you can live without their brute strength.

In many relationships, the balance of power is so lopsided against a woman’s favor that it allows bad stuff to seep in, such being taken for granted.  If a guy knows you can live WITHOUT him, he’ll naturally treat you better and it will breed MUTUAL respect.

It’s a human tendency to VALUE something you could lose at any given moment, right?  But of course I don’t recommend that you flaunt this fact in anyone’s face or use it as a way for a guy to submit to your whims.

I’m simply asking all the ladies out there to project a sense of independence.  Guys absolutely LOVE it when they can’t have a 100% hold on a girl… you have no idea what self-sufficiency can do to their “hunting” instincts.

Men are in it for the thrill of the chase, and knowing that he can’t “tame” you is plenty of fuel for his masculine drive to conquer, pursue and achieve.  Tapping into this wellspring (using your independent personality) is a great way to get a lot of dates!

# 3:  Get a life!
I hope you don’t take this the wrong way because all of us obviously *have* lives.  It’s just that sometimes, pursuing a relationship – or having one – can obscure the importance of having a WELL-BALANCED life.

Even if we are talking about improving your dating life, remember that you have a LOT of other things to be passionate about.  And this kind of attitude is what makes a woman more attractive and dateable in a guy’s eyes.

When you’re dedicated to improving yourself as a whole person, it just makes you more interesting and compelling to know.  Jumping into a relationship just so you can have one isn’t the right away to go about dating.

For your dating life to flourish, it needs a good, sturdy ground to stand on, namely a happening life filled with stuff you care about and ACTIVELY go after.

For instance, a guy is more likely to be riveted by a girl who has weekly brunches with her family, regularly attends a fitness class and excels at her chosen career.  Furthermore, this interesting woman may also have a bunch of other hobbies that open her up to opportunities to meet other similarly appealing people!

If you simply lived out the other parts of your life EQUALLY, chances are that this lucky guy will be dying to be part of your awesome life!

And the great thing about this is that you aren’t actively seeking a man’s validation or approval; living as a driven woman NATURALLY does that for you.

So my advice for you is to get involved in the other things that interest you ASIDE from cute guys.  In the end, we have ourselves to look after anyway � regardless of whether we’re single or not.

All in all, the way you treat yourself is a like a big, fat neon sign that tells the world how they should treat YOU.  That’s why the way we handle ourselves – be it in terms of looks, self-sufficiency or lifestyle – is a reflection of what kind of women we are.

And when you send the right kind of message to guys out there, you can be sure that these quality men are going to pick up on your signal!
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